Over-the-Counter Options

Whether you are preventing future skin aging or wanting to touch up a less than glowing complexion, there is no lack of skin care products to help you along. Natasha Shanayez, an esthetician at Jean Phillipe, firmly believes in prevention as the best approach to wrinkles. “People think it takes too much time to prevent skin problems, but if they apply a good skin care regimen consistently, it becomes a habit,” she says. “It is much easier to keep skin young than to deal with damage and the lasers and strong chemicals to try to repair it.” She believes that using sunscreen your whole life and wearing sunglasses to prevent squint lines go hand-in-hand with good skin care. 

    Shanayez uses the Eminence line of skin care products because they offer many options for different skin types. “Most lines have a limited number of products, one masque each for dry, oily or normal skin,” she explains. “Eminence can customize a facial to match the client’s needs, allowing different masques for different parts of the face or even layering them for best effect.” She says the most important part of a skin regimen for all ages is a good moisturizer to protect from the environment and keep the moisture you have. “Then, by age 35, we need to spend more time on our skin to prevent problems, including regular facials, topical vitamin C and light peels. Around age 50 we start to get wrinkles around the mouth on the upper lip, mostly due to a lack of oxygen. I recommend putting eye cream on the lip area, which is dryer than the rest of the face, and having regular deep facials.”

    Dianna Stroessner is a distributor for LifeFX Global, a group of products that can be ordered online or through a distributor, but is not sold in stores. It has been available in St. Louis for only about three months. A three-step skin care regimen, the products are available as a kit with a 30-day supply. Stroessner says most people don’t have to use it on a daily basis, and she recommends starting out every other day and then moving to every 10 days once results are evident. “This regimen makes you look so vivacious,” she says. “Some people can tell a difference the first treatment; others take longer, depending on skin type, diet, smoking status and environmental exposures.”

    Step one, the FX3 enzyme peel, exfoliates the dead skin layer. It is applied and rubbed in and then rinsed off. Step two is the FX3 line reducer that is left on for six minutes before the step three moisturizer is applied. The line reducer is supposed to attack fine lines and wrinkles at the cellular level with hyaluronic acid and peptides, which naturally plump up skin cells. Aloe-based, its transdermal carriers increase skin density without clogging pores, Stroessner says. An adjunct to the three-step skin care system is an oral supplement called Enzogenal, a formulation of antioxidants based on the bark of certain New Zealand pine trees. It combines a full spectrum of antioxidants to combat free radicals in the body. “The whole package is so rejuvenating; my older friends who use it look younger than I do,” Stroessner says.

    Nurse Christine Tullmann is an independent associate with USANA, a direct sales company that has a line of skin care products called Sensé, nutritional supplements and low glycemic foods and shakes. “I got involved with this group because I was working as a nurse nights and evenings and had little kids,” she says. “I really needed a good nutritional supplement to help me cope. I found these products and saw a real difference in several areas, including the quality of my skin. The founder of the company is a microbiologist who did work in cellular health for degenerative diseases and then evolved that into taking care of skin. I started using the skin care line and saw even more improvement.” Although Tullmann wasn’t looking for a new profession, she fell in love with the products and what they did for her skin.

    She says the two things USANA offers for skin rejuvenation is packaging nutritional supplements that relate to skin health in MyHealth Pak, a pouch of capsules taken twice a day, and developing nine skin care products in the Sensé line that combine in different protocols to address all skin types. “For fine lines and wrinkles, I recommend The Basics (cleanser, toner, and day/night moisturizers) and Enhancers (for specific skin issues),” Tullmann shares. “In the Enhancers, the eye nourisher, serum intensive and perfecting essence, in particular, address fine lines and wrinkles. All Sensé products contain vitamin complexes, active antioxidants, and dermal surface renewal to improve skin tone and increase cell turnover. Wrinkles have to be treated from within and without. That’s why the combination of the nutritional supplements and topical preparations works better than either way alone.”