Dilip Vishwanat

New technology is helping Oral Facial Surgery Institute & Implant Center perform cutting-edge dental restoration for patients with the most complex needs.

The 25-year-old practice, which offers treatment for conditions of the teeth, mouth, jaw and face, focuses on medical and dental care with an emphasis on technology, expertise and client satisfaction. “We do everything from removing wisdom teeth to restoring a complete arch of teeth,” says Dr. Michael Noble. And the latest generations of dental implants and anesthesia, as well as low-dose radiation and 3-D Cone Beam CT Scanners, allow for detailed surgery planning and execution that leads to better outcomes, he notes.

The institute’s seven dental surgeons work to prevent, reconstruct and provide emergency care for patients' functional and aesthetic oral and facial needs at four locations—Mercy St. Louis in Creve Coeur, as well as offices in Kirkwood, Chesterfield and Eureka. The specialists, who collaborate closely with patients’ restorative dentists, most commonly perform oral surgical procedures such as wisdom-tooth removal, bone-grafting and dental-implant placement. “Some procedures can be completed in one day,” Noble says. Patients’ dental issues may be linked to a congenital defect or a facial injury, or they may desire a change for aesthetic reasons, he explains.

Dental implant placements—small titanium posts—are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that feel, appear and work like natural teeth. During one or two procedures, implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, helping preserve facial structure and preventing bone deterioration that occurs when teeth are missing. The implants can last for years with proper mouth hygiene and regular dental specialist appointments.

In addition to tooth removal and implant services, the practice receives regional referrals for treatment of more complex surgical cases, including facial cosmetic surgery, corrective jaw surgery, TMJ surgery, microsurgical nerve repair and the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant oral diseases.

And the institute’s specialists also are training the next generation of dental surgeons. The center offers oral and maxillofacial surgery fellowships, which entail hospital-based surgical, medical and anesthesia training for oral and maxillofacial resident graduates.

ON THE COVER: Oral Facial Surgery Institute & Implant Center uses the latest technology in dental care surgery and facial cosmetic surgery for reconstruction and emergency care of patient’s functional and aesthetic oral and facial needs. Pictured on the cover: (Top row) Drs. Michael Suden, Reza Movahed, Mykle Jacobs, John Haden; (bottom row) Drs. Michael Barbick, Patrick Morris, Michael Noble, Mark Beehner. For more information, call 251-6725 or visit ofsinstitute.com.

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