Most patients thinking about facial rejuvenation have one common request: I want it to look natural.

    In order to achieve the most natural, balanced results, plastic surgeon Dr. L. Mike Nayak says it’s important to remember that the face doesn’t age in only one way. “You must determine what, specifically, is aging an individual,” he explains. “Is it wrinkles? A loss of volume? Splotchy color? If you don’t address each issue separately, you’re going to end up with a tighter face that doesn’t look any younger.” Patients often want dramatic changes with a single procedure, Nayak adds, because they are concerned that multiple treatments and/or procedures will look unnatural.

    “That’s like saying I want you to remodel my kitchen, but don’t use anything except a hammer,” Nayak says. “Overuse of one tool will give you a funny-looking kitchen, and it’s the same thing with facial rejuvenation and reconstruction. You can’t limit the toolbox. It doesn’t matter how good your technique is, you can’t lift a saggy neck and get rid of the wrinkles around your eyes in a single step. To get the most natural result, you have to treat all the components in a balanced way, using the right tool for the right job.”

    The face is the main focus at Nayak Plastic Surgery and Skin Enhancement Center. “We take the face very seriously—it’s our passion,” Nayak says. “Whether patients are just ‘getting their feet wet’ with Botox or they are ready for a full facial rejuvenation, our patients choose us because they want someone who is dedicated to this specific field.”

    In addition to injectable treatments and facial surgery, the office also offers a wide range of skin treatments, including microdermabrasion, chemical peels and intense pulsed light photofacials (IPL). In October the practice moved to a new location on Lindbergh Boulevard in Frontenac. ”Our larger, centrally located building allows us to better serve our patients in a more spacious and comfortable environment,” Nayak says. “And our Avani Day Spa, also located here, has greatly expanded its services to include facials, waxing, massage and body treatments.”

    Describing facial plastic surgery as an art, Nayak says every face requires him to take a fresh look at ‘the medium’ he has available. “A patient’s distinct characteristics—like their skin type and color—those are the raw materials,” he explains. “You have to create your results from those; you don’t get to pick.”

    Nayak admits that it’s tempting to say there’s one facelift procedure that generates better results than anything else, “that if you always do this same sequence of events, you’ll get the best results,” he says. “But that’s not at all true. It’s exactly like sculpting something out of a rock or cutting a diamond. That’s why I love this field—it’s creative and visual. Depending on what shape it is when it starts out, and what your goal is, you need to put a series of steps together that will get you the results you want.”

    And, says Nayak, it’s one of the few fields where the patient and their friends will say, Wow—your doctor did a great job! You look fantastic! “It’s not like gall bladder surgery. No one’s going to tell you that you look better without your gall bladder. Plastic surgery is something people love to talk about!”

    Because facial plastic surgery is his specialty, Nayak says he does many more facelifts than the average plastic surgeon. “It’s not because I’m some super spectacular surgeon, it’s because that’s all I do. Five Guys serves only hamburgers; Starbucks serves only coffee; I do only facial surgery.” 

On the Cover: Nayak Plastic Surgery and Avani Day Spa will host an open house Dec. 2, from 4 to 8 p.m. at 607 S. Lindbergh Blvd. in Frontenac. For more information or to RSVP, call 991-LIFT (5438) or visit