A wide variety of natural supplements is available at Whole Foods. photo by Jason Mueller at Whole Foods

With consumers bombarded by natural supplements that promise to do everything from calm aches to cure indigestion, it’s hard to figure out which are the most beneficial. Who better to advise us than local experts in alternative medicine? We asked local practitioners for their top two natural supplement suggestions and where to find them.

Debbie Haikal, R.N., Wellness Alternatives

Oil of Oreganol: This oil of oregano treats fungal infections and antimicrobial issues like athlete’s foot without prescription medication, which often requires constant monitoring of your blood. It’s an all-natural way to suffocate the fungus, and it can be found at any holistic supplement provider.

Healing AC Cream: This works on bruises, cuts, scratches, sprains, sunburns, joint pain, dry, cracked skin and more. Its components not only heal the surface, but also the structural blood flow underneath, so it works on the skin and the underlying muscle and tissue. Some people put it on their jaw a couple days before a dentist appointment to promote healing, and it also has been shown to accelerate healing after bunion surgery if applied beforehand. You can find it at holistic supplement providers and online.

Cheryl Shea, D.C., Complete Wellness Center

Probiotics: There are many strains of probiotics; the two most common are acidophilus and lactobacillus. These are very important to maintaining a healthy intestinal tract, where good bacteria is often destroyed by antibiotics. Probiotics help with blood pressure, cholesterol and absorption of nutrients. Most of the population would benefit from taking this supplement daily. You can find it at any health food store.

Omega 3 Fish Oils: They’re an essential fatty acid that our bodies can’t produce, so everyone needs them. These oils have a broad spectrum of benefits: They can help prevent cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol, minimize dementia, and help with depression and ADD. The oils become part of every cell of our body, so their effects are far-reaching. You would have to eat a half-pound of fish daily to get the same amount of nutrients! Found at health food stores.

Pilar Williamsen, D.C., Active Care Chiropractic

Kaprex: The company Metagenics makes this anti-inflammatory to replace medicines like Celebrex. It has virtually no side effects and does a great job of relieving degenerative pain and pain from inflammation and inflammatory conditions. You get it from a physician.

Food Supplement Drinks: A line of protein medical food by Metagenics targets inflammatory conditions like arthritis and chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia and migraines. Each one is a powder that can be added to smoothies, and it can serve as a meal supplement. The supplements have a great vitamin base and can help relieve pain. Available only from a physician.

Brenda Kingen, D.C., Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Center

Probiotics: These are great for boosting your immune system and helping the digestive system. Many people don’t realize there are good bacteria in their bodies that help digestion and fight off a cold or flu. For patients with challenged immune systems or chronic sinus or digestive problems, I recommend taking probiotics on a regular basis. You can even buy them in flavored form for kids. Even if you eat a lot of dairy or yogurt, you’re still not getting enough of the real live cultures from food that your body needs. Found at Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

Nutritional Whole Body Cleanse: Research shows we store a lot of the toxins from our food, water and environment in our body and fat cells, which is the reason why many people can’t lose weight or have constant aches and pains. This type of cleansing, made by Isagenix, really gets into the fatty tissue, what I refer to as the landfills of the body, to get rid of the toxicity. Many people lose weight as a result. I recommend doing more of a cleansing like this that puts nutrition into your body rather than a colon cleansing. This comes from a physician.