Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

In the quest to appear as young as possible, women search out the latest in cosmetic procedures. But which ones deliver consistent results? For that, we asked three local cosmetic surgeons about the trends in their practices. Dr. Judith Gurley says in the surgical arena, breast augmentation (enlargement), breast lifts and breast reductions top her practice. For skin treatments, she finds Botox, cosmetic fillers, and laser treatments for firming and banishing sun spots also very popular. She has seen renewed interest in great skin care, topical growth factor and improved makeup formulations.

“In my practice, combination treatments are increasing: face lifts with fillers and Botox; breast augmentation with a breast lift; and the combination tummy tuck and liposuction,” Gurley reports. “I’m also seeing more and more fat-grafting for volume replacement.” She says for the face, a combination approach leads to the most natural overall result: surgery for lifting combined with peels and laser treatments for improving skin surface; and Botox and fillers for preventing deep wrinkles and replacing lost volume. “Following those up with good skin care, sun protection and the right makeup creates the face that doesn’t look ‘done’ but that everyone will notice.”

Dr. Michele Koo of Aesthetic Surgery Institute also sees breast augmentation and breast reduction leading in the surgical area. For skin treatments, she uses a lot of Botox, injectible fillers and acid peels for fine wrinkles, pigmentation and skin texture problems. “Skin care is popular during this economy because it is an affordable luxury with very little downtime,” Koo says. She uses her own formulation of skin products directed at reducing wrinkles, correcting sun damage and lessening sun spots, she adds.

Koo says several years ago people would do multiple surgical procedures at one time; now fewer women have the luxury of taking off several weeks of work to recover. “Breast rejuvenation, in particular, is very popular because the procedure is as short as 35 minutes, and they can be back at work in a day,” Koo says. Facial procedures on the rise in her practice include mini facelifts with Botox, fillers and skin care. On the horizon, she sees regenerative medicine as being heavily involved with stem cells for maintenance of youthful skin, vitality, weight management and overall energy. Although not FDA-approved, these treatments are picking up speed outside the U.S. In the immediate future, she sees the trend for less invasive liposuction technology continuing.

Dr. Samar Cabbabe of Cabbabe Plastic Surgery sees an increase in liposuction, especially office-based, non-general anesthesia cases. His most popular surgical procedures are liposuction and ‘mommy makeovers’ that involve breast augmentation and a tummy tuck, he reports. “I very often do a breast lift at the same time as augmentation for the best results,” Cabbabe says. “Some patients believe that merely doing a breast augmentation will lift the nipple-areola complex, but that is simply not true. The breast also has to be lifted to regain its youthful position. With the tummy tuck, incorporating liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and hips, if needed, produces dramatic improvements.”

For most common facial procedures, Cabbabe chooses face lifts and minimally invasive cheek lifts, which can be done in the office. “The results are quite good for people with early jowl formation and flat cheeks, as well as redundant skin under the eyes,” he says. “With only a local anesthetic, I can do a cheek lift that improves lower eyelid skin, gives fullness to the cheeks, and eliminates the jowl.” For people with severe facial aging, he recommends an endoscopic brow lift, upper and lower eyelid lift, and neck lift.