One of the most treasured gifts a busy mom can receive is the gift of time. Time to relax. Time to indulge. Time to herself. Just having a day— or even a morning—to recharge is a treat, and looking fantastic afterward is icing on the cake.

Many spas offer tranquil respites designed with today’s frazzled women in mind. Between juggling work, home and parenting duties, an immersion into the soothing sounds, rejuvenating smells and peaceful tableaus offered by both destination and day spas can work wonders on one’s state of mind.

Perhaps the most indulgent spa experience is enjoying a multi-day excursion to one of the many outstanding destination spas America has to offer. Three or four days away with friends, spent pampering oneself with treatments, fine dining and resort amenities can create months worth of mental health benefits. However, if this is not feasible, then a brief, local spa day at one of St. Louis’ many day spas or medical spas can provide a similar sense of well-being and self-care while conferring beauty benefits, too.

For example, Dominic Bertani, owner of Dominic Michael Salon, recommends a palate of beauty treatments that will leave moms and others feeling refreshed and looking fabulous. His picks include an eyebrow shaping, manicure, pedicure, haircut and style, stressrelieving facial with pomegranate exfoliation, and make-up application. The whole package costs less than $300 (not including gratuities).

Day spas that offer a comprehensive menu of body treatments often have packages that offer massage, a body wrap or polish, facials and nail services. When purchased together, these pre-packaged half- or full-day itineraries provide complementary treatments, often at a discount over a la carte purchases. Some spas even provide a light lunch. For instance, The Face & The Body’s Mom’s Escape Day package includes flowers, massage, facial, make-up application, lunch and hair styling over the course of four pampering hours.

Women seeking more intensive aesthetic treatments may turn to medical spas for body shaping, facial peels, lasers, fillers or Botox injections designed to create longer-lasting and more dramatic results. In general, these treatments cost more than typical spa or salon treatments, but they provide longer-lasting results.

Ridenour Plastic Surgery and Professional Skin Care is one example of the med-spa concept where patients can opt for a wide range of procedures from noninvasive treatments to surgery performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brock Ridenour.

When asked to recommend a treatment suited to a busy mom looking for rejuvenation, Leanne Ridenour, a registered nurse and office manager, pointed to Clear + Brilliant, a new fractional laser treatment from the same company that developed Fraxel, which claims to improve skin’s tone and texture. Clear + Brilliant is not as aggressive as Fraxel or other fractional laser treatments. Leanne Ridenour notes that the treatment is popular with women from their 20s through 40s and requires no downtime, a key attribute for busy women who can’t spare days of recovery.

Whether the choice is a destination spa for a long weekend, a few hours of relaxation at a day spa, or an anti-aging treatment at a medical spa, busy moms deserve every bit of pampering these options offer. Take some time for yourself and return to your family refreshed and beautiful!