Dr. Humaira Rosinski consults with a patient.


When a groom-to-be wanted a photo-ready smile for his big day but didn’t want to break the bank, he turned to Creve Coeur Dental for an affordable alternative. Dr. Humaira Rosinksi fitted him with a template of teeth that fit over his existing smile. And at his wedding, the smile makeover shined. “When you give someone their smile back, you’re also giving them their confidence back,” Rosinski notes. “They’re not afraid to smile anymore.”

Creve Coeur Dental’s staff strives to make patients smile throughout the dental work process and beyond by providing stress-free, affordable dentistry. The family practice uses the latest technology for adults, teens and children when offering general, restorative, cosmetic and emergency dentistry, from dental implants, crowns, bridges and orthodontics to teeth-whitening.

Rosinski says she realizes that the dentist office is a scary place for many patients. So, Creve Coeur Dental offers anxiety-ridden patients a series of consultations before a dental work appointment is scheduled. And from the moment clients walk in the door, the practice aims to offer a friendly, calming environment. “I want to make sure my patients come first, and they are not stressed,” Rosinski says. “Their comfort is the first priority.”

To that end, the staff first works to minimize patient waiting times. “We have them sit in a consultation room instead of a dental chair so they’re not building up that anxiety just sitting in the chair,” Rosinski explains. During an initial consultation, Rosinski asks about where the patient’s anxiety is stemming from and works to alleviate it. “The biggest thing is to listen to them,” she says. “And once we recognize where the anxiety is coming from, we try to eliminate it: Do they want music or the TV on, or do they want it to be quiet? Do they want one or two people in the room, etc.?” Next, Rosinski examines patients' dental issues—with their permission—in the treatment room. “I do let them know that the tools are not going to hurt them, and all I am doing is taking a look. Then I offer them a treatment plan accordingly; and during the next meeting, we do a financial plan.”

Once the staff and patient all are on the same page, a dental appointment is scheduled. Sedation is offered to clients who still need anxiety relief for the procedures. “They take it a half-hour before the appointment; and when they arrive, we give them a blanket in a room with dim lighting,” Rosinski explains. “If someone is really anxious and specifically asks us if someone can stay in the room with them, I am completely OK with it.” Building a stress-free environment that encourages even the most fearful patients to come in is important not only for their dental hygiene, but also their overall health, she adds.

As a further commitment to patients, Creve Coeur Dental also provides a variety of specials and financial assistance. The practice recently offered an Invisalign special, where 700 clients were fitted with the clear braces at a discounted rate. “We were able to give back to the community and help people who weren’t able to afford the service otherwise,” Rosinski says. And this month, patients can receive Zoom in-office teeth-whitening, for half-off the regular rate, saving an additional amount if they bring a friend. The dental practice also has begun offering new services, such as single-office visit root canals for added convenience, and Botox injections for temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders. “We have patients [with TMJ] who have tried almost everything, and they are in tears from the pain,” Rosinski says. “Then we give them the injections, and they experience immediate relief.”

Whatever the procedure, Rosinski says the patient always remains the No. 1 priority. “I want to make sure I listen to my patients and diagnose them in a way that prioritizes their needs. I treat them the way I want to be treated.”

ON THE COVER: Creve Coeur Dental, located at 677 N. New Ballas Road, offers stress-free, affordable general, restorative, cosmetic and emergency dentistry for the whole family. Pictured on the cover: Dr. Humaira Rosinski with a patient. For more information, call 569-3141 or visit crevecoeurdental.com.

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