Charles D'Angelo

D'Angelo, who works to get his message of hope out to the masses, recently shared his story with actor Chris Hemsworth.

Last January, John Moore got news from his doctor that changed his life. “I just felt miserable—I had no energy, and my blood pressure was through the roof,” he says. “He told me I need to change or I’m going to be that guy who dies in his 40s of a heart attack. It really woke me up.”

Moore seriously considered weight-loss surgery, only to have the procedure denied by his insurance. Now, he says, he’s actually glad that they did. Shortly thereafter, he was introduced to Charles D’Angelo, a weight-loss coach who has since helped him lose 170 pounds. This year, at his physical, his physician was certainly surprised. “I hadn’t seen him for almost a year,” Moore says. “The last time I met him I was on five different medicines; now I’m down to one, and I’m about to get off that one.”

Moore had tried multiple diet and exercise plans through the years to help him lose weight, but none of them ever seemed to stick. When asked the reason why D’Angelo’s coaching made a difference, he says, “He holds you very accountable. You meet with him regularly, and if you need him he’s just a call or email away. He’s a great motivational person, and just keeps you on track and gets you in the right mindset.” With 30 more pounds before he reaches his weight-loss goal, Moore says he couldn’t even think about going back to his old lifestyle. “I’m of the mindset now that food is fuel for my body,” he says. And the benefits on his life reinforce his determination: “It’s not just affecting me; it’s affecting my family. My kids are eating better—a couple of them were heavy and they’re losing weight too.”

The big secret about losing weight is that it’s actually easy, D’Angelo says. Everyone knows that to maintain a healthy weight, you need to eat healthy foods and exercise. The more difficult part is convincing yourself that you deserve it, and sticking with your plan. He speaks from experience, having weighed 360 pounds as a teenager before losing the weight and keeping it off ever since.

“The moment you make a decision is the moment everything changes,” D’Angelo says. “So many people get caught up in the process and lose focus of the outcome. They say, There’s no way I could lose 170 pounds. I tell them as long as you do what we agree on, you can. That’s what so many Americans are weak on—we can rationalize anything. We say, I can’t eat right because I’m so busy or My husband doesn’t get home until 7 so I can’t make time to work out. I’m not saying those things aren’t valid, but if you’re giving those excuses, you’ll never achieve the things you’re capable of. There’s always a way when you’re committed.”

Many of D’Angelo’s clients are either referred to him by physicians, or are actually doctors themselves. “I believe his method is so effective because he makes the process simple, providing accountability through regular visits,” says Dr. Bob Rifkin, one of D’Angelo’s clients. “It has allowed me personally to be a great example to my own patients and to feel better about myself both mentally and physically.”

D’Angelo believes weight-loss success is like a three-legged stool. Most plans have the first two legs, healthy eating and exercise, but are missing the third leg, which is what his program brings to the table: the right mindset. He is trying to get his message out to as many people as possible, through his book, Think and Grow Thin, as well as through weekly segments on KSDK.

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