It is crunch time, already April, with swimsuit season around the corner. So what can we do to pump a little enthusiasm into our workouts? Mix it up! We all know about the treadmill, the recumbent bike and the Stairmaster. What’s out there we haven’t heard of, and that might just jump-start the path toward a new you? Some local fitness experts share their suggestions.

Mike Jaudes, the Fitness Edge

SpinCore: SpinCore combines spinning, core work and flexibility in a small group setting, similar to small group personal training right at the gym.

Sarah Fuehne, Ultimate Potential Fitness

KidFit: This class is for kids ages 5 to 12, provided as an after-school offering in Rockwood, Pattonville and Parkway. The class focuses on agility, movement and exercise through non-competitive sports and a variety of fitness activities.

Melissa Clark, Clayton Pilates

Special Equipment Class: Though the reformer is the most popular piece of Pilates workout equipment, this class uses the wall unit and chairs. Most gyms don’t have this type of equipment, making the class unique.

Tim Kelley, Missouri Athletic Club

Express Classes: These offer a great exercise opportunity for those too busy to spend hours at the gym. Options include a 30-minute abs class and an early-morning express workout that makes you feel great before work.

Dale Huff, Nutriformance

Power Hour: This strength training class, usually with five to 10 participants, provides a total body workout. It focuses on upper and lower body strength, posture, stability, balance and core work, and because it is led by a certified personal trainer, exercises can be individualized to the group.

Keeley Murphy, Sweat

Baby Boot Camp: This stroller class allows women who just had babies to bring their children to the workout at Clayton Shaw Park. It is a full-on boot camp for post-natal women that includes cardio and strength training, calisthenics, plyometrics and core training.

Jay Siefert, Studio Element

Adult Recess: This class is designed to energize you and leave you feeling like a kid again. It includes agility drills, interval training, jogging, flexibility training, obstacle courses, games and other challenges, and is held outdoors.

Jogging Program: Each week, different aspects of running are discussed, including footwear, injury care, hydration and proper running mechanics. Also, participants build up their stamina to prepare for the course’s culmination: a 5K run.

Michael Fischer, Magna Fitness

Monica Koch’s High-Intensity Women’s Workout: This class for women is extremely high intensity and is a fusion of boot camp, weights and cardio.

Darren Young, Center of Clayton

Zumba: This class fuses Latin and international music and dance themes to create an exciting, effective fitness workout. No dance experience is necessary.

Stacie Mullen, Lifestyle Center

CardioStripFit and Pole Dancing: This class is perfect for a girls’ nights out and for all women, from 18 to 78 years old. The combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercises on the pole works out those long, lean dancer muscles and is a great way to have fun, get fit and be sexy.

RockStarFit: This class combines moves and dance routines that your favorite rock band might have done on stage, turning them into a workout. Featuring music from the ‘80s or classic rock, it uses props like feather boas and body bars to offer cardiovascular and strength training exercises.