Susan and Sam Hais of Hais Hais & Goldberger 


One goal inspired Sam and Susan Hais to go to law school: justice. Decades later, that same goal remains the driving force of their law firm, Hais, Hais, Goldberger & Lambson. “What really matters to us is achieving the Holy Grail in the law field, which is justice,” Sam says. “We believe justice is a right, not a privilege.” 

Founded by Susan Hais more than 30 years ago, the firm continues to seek justice to clients in one area of focus: family law. “We are not a module in a large law firm. Family law is what we do,” she explains. “We know the law very specifically as it relates to domestic relations, so we think we can offer more because that’s all we do.”

Seeking justice for clients—one family at a time—is the practice’s hallmark. From the veteran attorneys leading the firm to the receptionist who greets clients, the company has a family-centric approach. “In family law, you have clients calling at odd times and they're upset, and there are kids around. Everyone at our practice has experience with all of that,” Susan says.

And the firm’s attorneys know every client and case is different. “The important thing is to be creative because each case is very unique and personal,” Susan says. “I ask clients, If you could really have it the way you would want it, how would it be and how would you want me to get there? We are trying to do right by them, and I think that’s why our clients are so appreciative.”

Clients also benefit from having a husband-and-wife team on their side. Sam and Susan, who both graduated from Saint Louis University School of Law, have complementary skill sets. Married for 34 years and in practice together for 12 years, the Haises know how to relate to the family and law sides of each client’s case. Susan’s more than three decades of experience in domestic relations law and Sam’s 26 years as a judge—10 of which were in family court—combine to give clients better outcomes.

And that successful track record is building on itself, as most of the firm’s clients are referrals from former satisfied clients, Susan notes. “It makes me feel good, like we did do the right thing, and we are still practicing the way we want to practice.”

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