It’s the day before the big event: the Veiled Prophet Ball. For those final crucial beauty steps, local experts share the best in hairstyling, facials, makeup, manicures and pedicures, to ensure you’ll look your most radiant—from head to toe.

Hannah Leigh, Blown Away Blow Dry Bar

INTRICATE UPDOS. Your hair will stand out from the crowd with a unique updo featuring various textures and points of interest, from a centered, sleeked-back look to a wavy side bun.

TEXTURE TREND. Adding braids and different sizes of curls can amp up a traditional updo.

STATEMENT MAKEUP. The classic black smoky eye always will be in—but you can make your irises pop using different colors, such as green or purple.

FACE FORWARD. Applying bronzers and highlighters to contour the whole face can play up your natural features and bring forward the best version of you.

Andree Sanders, Wellbridge Spa

FEEL FLAWLESS. For young women, mothers and grandmothers alike, Sanders recommends two facials: Dermaquest’s MangoBrite Resurfacer and G.M. Collin’s Algomask. The MangoBrite Resurfacer can be done the day of the event to brighten your skin, minimize expression lines and pore size, and tighten and firm the skin, all while exfoliating to create a canvas for flawless makeup application. And the Algomask moisturizes, provides instant radiance and reduces redness, leaving the skin smooth and ready for the big night.

GO NATURAL. Colorescience mineral makeup not only is healthy for your skin, but gives you a more natural look.

FRAME YOUR FACE. Having your eyebrows arched—two to three days before the gala to allow any redness to subside—will help frame your face.

NAIL IT. Vinylux, a one-week manicure, dries instantly in natural light, firms nails and is available in the perfect pigment to complement any evening gown.

REFRESH YOURSELF. A massage—deep tissue, Swedish, aromatherapy or hot stone—will get your blood circulating for nice coloring in the cheeks and a refreshing feeling for the event.

Countdown to the VP

Local experts weigh in on when to begin looking your best for the ball with this beauty timeline:

48 hours to go

Eyebrow and body waxing

Five hours to go

Manicure and pedicure

Four hours to go


Three hours to go


Two hours to go

Makeup application

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