Skin Deep Q&A

Gusting winter winds are not your skin’s friend. The cold, dry air can suck all the moisture from your face, leaving skin looking prematurely aged. That’s why we got the inside scoop from Olivia Vigo, training manager in Sisley’s French offices, on how to get a youthful, dewy glow—even in the depths of winter.

LN: How can you tell if a face cream is going to be right for you?

OV: You know if a face cream is the appropriate one by asking a beauty consultant about a skin diagnostic. The consultant will be able to recommend the most suitable cream according to your skin type, because they have knowledge of the cream’s texture and other characteristics. For example, if you have a dry skin, Sisley ‘SOS’ treatment ‘Crème Réparatrice’ for irritated or damaged skin is recommended. The Shea butter, which is the key ingredient of the cream, will repair, re-hydrate and soothe your skin.

LN: What ingredients should you look for that are especially good for skin?

OV: You should use some ingredients that match your skin needs. If you have dry skin then a Sisley beauty consultant will recommend the use of a Shea butter cream or a cucumber hydrating cream. On the contrary, if you have a mix or oily skin; you would use the tropical resins line as a regulating treatment to purify the epidermis and tighten enlarged pores.

LN: And what ingredients should you avoid?

OV: Sisley avoids the use of aggressive and abrasive ingredients such as alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA). Sisley works on an ideal balance between efficiency and tolerance, always respecting the skin characteristics.

LN: Why are the ‘best’ creams so expensive?

OV: Not all the ‘best’ creams are expensive…Sisley ‘Crème réparatrice’ is not so expensive and it is an excellent cream! We create some specific products that correspond to the skin’s specific needs. Supremÿa, the supreme anti-aging night skincare, is the result of the latest scientific discoveries in the field of chronobiology, genetics and skin physiology. The heart of its formula is the Phyto-Complex LC 12, Longetivity concentrate 12h, patented by Sisley. This product is very efficient and obtains excellent results.

LN: What is the best way to keep skin from looking aged?

OV: There are different means to keep skin from looking aged: Clean it very well, hydrate it and protect it against the exterior aggressions. So for example, you will use a makeup removal that suits your skin type then a hydrating product and a skin protection product or a sun care product.

LN: What is the minimum routine for morning and evening? Do you really need toner, cream, scrub and serum?

OV: The minimum daily routine for the morning is: clean the skin, then tonify it, hydrate it and protect it. For an evening routine: clean the skin, tonify it and apply a night cream to hydrate the skin. Tonifying the skin is essential to remove the makeup and impurities. Serums are used to answer specific needs. Scrubs and masks are to stimulate the skin and clean it up in depth.

LN: Is there a particular order that you need to use products?

OV: The order would be the following: you use the cleaning product, then the toner, the serum and finally the daily skin care.

LN: What are some common misconceptions about skincare?

OV: Good hydration is very important, but it’s not enough. The basic and most important is the cleaning stage. Also, thinking that an SPF cream protects the skin all day long is wrong. An SPF skin care product is to be applied every two hours. For this reason, Sisley created ADAY with a special eight-hour protection.

    There is also misconception when dealing with oily skin; one prefers to use very effective products in a short time. Nevertheless, it is essential to choose some progressive action products that help the skin to find a new balance.  LN