Skin Deep Q&A

LN: How do you bring out brown eyes? Blue eyes? Black eyes?

KE: Navy eyeliner on blue or green eyes is an amazing complement. Brown and black eyes really need black eyeliner to make them pop. 

LN: How do you make small eyes look bigger?

KE: Use lighter shades of eye shadow to open up the eye. Line the top lash line with a color that is darker than the eye color to strengthen and define. Add a thinner eyeliner on the lower lash line in a softer shade. Finish by curling the lashes and apply two to three coats of black mascara. Define the brow to strengthen the entire eye area.

LN: How do you make your lashes look longer?

KE: Make sure eyeliner is applied deep in the lash bed from the inner to outer corners of the eye. Curl lashes. Layer mascara formulas to give extra length and volume. Apply a volumizing black mascara to give fullness and then apply a wetter defining black mascara over it to give a glossy finish and extended length.  Mascara needs to be generously applied to the root of the lashes.

LN: Do any products that are supposed to make lashes grow longer really work?

KE: I have seen some really good results, but you need to keep using the product to maintain the result, and the products can be a little pricey. A tight eyeliner and mascara application do wonders too.

LN: What tricks create the illusion of various eye shapes?

KE: It’s best to enhance the eye’s natural shape rather than change it.  Eyeliner is the perfect option to enhance and define the eye, whether making a thin to thick line (from inside to outer edge) to lift the eye, or drawing a strong line just on top to look brighter, or all the way around to make the eyes look bigger. Also, line the upper inner rim of the eye to make the lashes look fuller.  Eyeliner will make any eye shape stand out. 

LN: Eyeliner can be tricky to apply. What are your tips?

KE: Stabilize the elbow on a surface or bring it in close to the body. Tilt head back and lower gaze so eyes are still open while applying liner. Don’t pull the eye to the side for a taught surface. Instead of trying to draw a perfect line, just aim to lay the flat edge of the brush/side of pencil tip along the lash bed, working across from one end to the other in short dash lines. Perfect line every time!

LN: What’s the most effective way to conceal tired eyes?

KE: Start by priming the undereye skin with an eye cream. Use a pink-peach, creamy concealer to neutralize and lift any darkness. Layer a skin-tone-correct shade of concealer that’s at least one shade lighter than your foundation over the first concealer.

LN: What’s your best tip for a knockout evening look?

KE: Smudge a powder liner over a black creamy liner to create a smoky look. After applying mascara, work more black creamy liner into top lash line from underneath lashes. 

LN: How much is too much eye makeup?

KE: Any time the eye makeup takes away from the natural beauty of the eyes. Eye makeup is all about enhancing and drawing people in with the eyes. As a tip, do your eye makeup last. This will ensure your eye makeup complements you and your other makeup, versus dictates your look.

LN: What’s the latest trend in eye makeup looks?

KE:  Shimmer, metallic, sparkle, bling!

LN: What is your favorite eye product?

KE: It’s a tie between concealer and eyeliner. Both work miracles!