Looking for an excuse to pamper your skin? Then we have some good news for you! We caught up with Tammy Fender, founder of Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare, who taught us that what’s good for the skin can be good for the mind and soul, as well.

LN: You describe your products as Pure Living Energy for the skin; what do you mean by that?

TF: All of my products combine an array of 100 percent pure, natural food supplements, active botanicals and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Collectively, these ingredients contain a wide variety of beneficial vitamins and minerals, all of which are absorbed deep into the cellular level of the skin to promote radiant health and healing of the complexion. My philosophy brings the essence of nature and beauty—100 percent pure botanical ingredients—to energize and treat the skin.

LN: How did you come to realize that holistic skin care was so beneficial?

TF: Through 20 years of research, passion and dedication to holistic treatments, I discovered that treating clients’ skin holistically and focusing on their well-being delivered the best results. Our complexion is a reflection of what’s going on inside our bodies. When we are not feeling well or are stressed, it shows.

LN: Why is it important that your products be 100 percent botanical?

TF: My philosophy is that safe is effective when it comes to skincare—when you recognize that the skin is a living organ and what you put onto the skin absorbs to a cellular level, you begin to see the body function as an interrelated system. You must nourish the outside as you do the inside. Synthetic ingredients, fillers and preservatives are toxic irritants that actually prematurely age the skin and are void of nutritional value. These ‘chemical’ constituents can destroy the integrity of any natural actives that may be found in the product. As holistic formulations, my products work to balance the body physically, emotionally and spiritually, creating true inner beauty reflected in outer radiance.

LN: What do women most often overlook regarding their skin care?

TF: Most women do not get enough sleep and also do not eat foods that promote a better complexion. With more sleep and a diet of foods rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, you can see an improvement in your skin!

LN: What kind of diet do you recommend?

TF: Extra oils from olives, almonds, borage, wheat germ and flax will play a part in caring for the skin from the inside (all EFA, Omega 3 and 6 must be cold-pressed and consumed uncooked for antioxidant protection). I also look for foods that are rich in Vitamins A and E such as carrots, avocados and almonds. Taking these nutrients internally protects against free radical damage, repairs existing sun damage and offers amazing natural sun protection. I also recommend starting every day with an easy routine: drink a glass of room temperature water with fresh lemon, and continue to internally hydrate with this elixir throughout the day. Lemon strengthens melanin production (the pigment that gives skin its color) and is an excellent source of Vitamin C.

LN: How does skin care impact our overall health?

TF: The skin is our body’s largest organ and our first line of defense in the immune system. When your skin is not balanced, it’s a sign that your body and health are off balance, as well. I recommend nourishing the body from the outside via the skin, with the same purity and care that you would take internally. Use pure holistic products with high-vibrational ingredients to feed the cells, neutralize free radicals, and calm and center the mind.