Kelly Wilcockson of Synergi MedSpa

It’s that time of year when everyone is trying to make a fresh start. To help us with our beauty resolutions, we turned to Kelly Wilcockson, a licensed esthetician at Synergi MedSpa, for some expert advice.

What are some of the most common concerns people come to you with?

The biggest concerns my clients have are anti-aging and body reduction. We’re big on anti aging here: People always want to know, What I can do about lines around my mouth or eyes? They come in when they’re at a point where they don’t like how their skin is looking or how dark lines around eyes are making them look tired.

Is there a particular treatment that you like to recommend to clients for anti-aging?

Dermapen is one of the things I do, for anything from fine lines to acne scars and brown spots. It’s not a ‘fluff and buff;’ it’s truly a medical procedure. I like doing it for clients because I can truly see a result. Sometimes even after only one treatment, I can see a reduction in pores and an improvement in the overall appearance of the skin. However, it’s not a one-time treatment, you would have it done a minimum of six times.

The device looks like a pen, and it uses a small round cluster of needles to create microchannels into the skin. It’s an injury you’re creating in the skin and the natural defense mechanism is to go heal that area, which increases blood circulation and collagen and elastin. You can vary how aggressive the treatment is by going deeper down, or if we’re just brightening the skin we can do a superficial one. It takes less than an hour, and there’s just a little discomfort and little or no downtime. You just can’t wear makeup right afterward and the skin might be a little red. It’s one of our most popular procedures because it really gets results and you can customize how aggressive the treatment is.

What would you suggest as a beauty resolution for the new year?

For people who have stubborn areas of fat that that just won’t go away with diet and exercise, we just started using this new treatment called CoolSculpting. It’s one of very few FDA-approved devices that are cleared to remove fat. It’s a noninvasive fat-reduction device, and 92 percent of people who have the treatment have significant reduction in one treatment. It crystallizes the fat cells; and when the crystallization takes place, the cells freeze and die, then the natural lymphatic system flushes out that fat. It takes about two weeks to start seeing results, and the best results are achieved in one to three months.

It’s not a weight-loss procedure—a good candidate is someone with problem areas that will not go away like the hips or belly or back fat, not someone who is significantly overweight. One good thing about it is there’s no special diet or exercise; you don’t have to take something for it to work or drink lots of water or go run afterward. And there were 15 years of research before it was cleared, so there are a lot of studies that prove how the process works.

How should people take care of their skin during the winter months?

Some people have a hard time because they’re dry-oily, which is a hard combination. You want to hydrate but then you feel greasy. The best thing to do is drink lots of water, make sure you use a good moisturizer and sunscreen to block out those elements that hit our face every day. With a proper skin-care regimen, you need to moisturize but also get some of that dry, dead skin off. When you have dead-skin buildup, anything you put on skin is just sitting there, not penetrating down. So you need to get it off and keep it hydrated afterward. To do that, you can use a mask and a microderm. Then make sure you’re protecting that face—we’re exposed to the environment every single day, summer or winter.

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