It’s hard to believe it, but summer is almost here! We sat down with MAC senior makeup artist Gina Bettelli to talk about what’s exciting in the beauty world this season. Bettelli, a native of Seattle who is now based in New York, was in St. Louis recently to teach a master class at MAC’s Plaza Frontenac location.

What are some tips for getting perfect skin?

Look at your face objectively. We fall into routines with our makeup. You have to look in the mirror and think, Is this the right color for me now? Is this moisturizer the right consistency? We change our shoes based on the weather; and our skin care products should change, too, or the skin can become dehydrated.

For that time when winter is over, and summer isn’t quite here yet, MAC has Prep & Prime Pure Radiance, which is a great in-between product. It’s a hybrid primer with a tint of yellow in it. It helps oil control and also dehydration—which are two opposing things, and you wouldn’t think you could do both with one product. It was developed originally for Nigerian women in France, because a lot of products can turn their skin ashen. But it can be used for any skin tone.

Another tip is to only use powder where you need it—not everywhere. Again, it’s about not getting stuck in a routine.

What are some summer color trends?

We’re seeing a lot of whimsical and sweet colors, which MAC is really playing up in its Playland collection. These colors have a real clarity—pure, raw color for that natural flush that you can’t achieve with muted colors. The other great thing is that they’re easy to apply in a feathery look with your fingertip, and you can wear them either very soft or build them up for a pop of color.

Also, a little bit of gold can work for anybody—our Playland lipstick is a metallic gold that you can use to layer over those clear colors if you have lighter skin; or if you have a darker skin tone, it will be more natural, like a little bit of honey on the lips.

How is doing a runway look different from something for daily wear?

It’s funny, because in New York, I’ve noticed, the average woman probably wears less makeup than a woman in St. Louis. There, it’s all about the fashion, and the hair and makeup can be a little more played down. Here, there’s a little more interest in trying something different with the makeup, creating effects—not in a garish way, but a very approachable glamour. I wear a lot of makeup for someone in New York, but it’s actually on the softer end for someone in St. Louis. The women here want to look like they have made an effort, and I like that.

Looks can be quite severe in fashion shows, because they’re always referencing a particular era—the ’70s or the ’20s, for example. When it comes to daily wear, your inspiration might be more topical—something you saw on a TV show or in a magazine. So there’s a different reference point for inspiration.

Do you have any special makeup tricks?

I find it’s helpful to match your foundation to your shoulder, as opposed to the wrist or hands. It’s a good in-between part of the body that gets just a little bit of sun, and it almost always is spot-on.

Also, every woman needs a template to start out with—a good foundation, mascara and also a neutral, matte, peach-toned eye shadow. Then, you can accessorize with your makeup.

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