MAC's popular liquid-powder Extra Dimension Eye Shadow creates a metallic effect.

Just like you put your winter coats away in favor of flowy summer tops, your makeup wardrobe needs an overhaul for the season, too. We recently caught up with MAC senior artist Cynthia Rivas, and asked what she’s excited about for this summer.

LN: How do makeup colors change for the summer?

CR: People have more color in their skin, and you can show that off with bolder, brighter colors. It’s the time to get away with it, and experiment because that’s what’s on-trend. Tan skin looks fantastic with a bright orange lip—think of what you see in Miami, it’s classy but fun.

LN: What about eye color?

CR: Lips are the star of the show this summer, so the eyes are more neutral. For eye shadow, we’re seeing a lot of metallics, but the color is more toned down. MAC carries a mineral line, which is long-lasting so you can wear it for about six hours without touching up, and you can wear it wet or dry. When it’s applied wet, it gives a more vibrant pop of color; dry, it’s more subdued.

LN: So what are you seeing in lip color?

CR: A trend that’s coming back from the ’70s is to match the nail polish to your lip color. So we’ve taken our most popular classic lip colors and created a matching nail lacquer, lipstick and ‘lipglass.’ The glossiness of the lipglass is what makes these classic colors more modern.

LN: What are your tips for application?

CR: You should focus on one feature—so it can be your lips or your eyes, but it always starts with perfected skin. A good primer is essential to help extend the wear of your foundation, smooth out the skin’s texture and for oil control. Your skin breathes, so you will always want to touch up your Tzone, but the primer will cut down on the number of re-applications. For lip color, start with a primer or pencil to help the color stick longer.

LN: Can you ever break that one-feature rule and play up both the eyes and lips?

CR: Makeup has a lot to do with personality, so it’s a matter of placement. With a lip color that pops, you could do a winged out liner to accentuate the eyes, rather than a smoky eye. To get the look without going too overboard, take a small, angled brush and use your shadow as a liner. If you use a metallic shade, it gives your eyes a 3-D effect. People often want to bring out their eyes, but they don’t realize you can actually use your lip color to do that. Green eyes, for example, really pop with a redorange lip color.

LN: How do you advise people about what eye colors to wear?

CR: When people come to me, I first ask what colors they normally wear to get a sense of what they’re comfortable with. If they say brown, I might choose a brown with a warmer metallic bronze. If they wear bright blue, it means they’re more comfortable and you can play around a bit more. Anyone can wear any color; it’s all about placement and your personal comfort level.

LN: What beauty aspects do people tend to overlook?

CR: The skin. Makeup is only going to look as beautiful as your skin. That’s why I recommend a really good primer and skincare regimen. The nice thing about primers is that you don’t look like you’re wearing tons of makeup and you actually end up wearing less foundation. It looks more natural, and all those layers of makeup can become uncomfortable in the summer.