Valentine’s Day is the biggest date night of the year, and who doesn’t like to glam it up for this romantic occasion? We asked Blair Patterson, global premier makeup artist for Estée Lauder, how to make a big statement on the big night.

LN: How would you describe your philosophy toward makeup?

BP: It’s not so much the product that makes the difference; it’s the placement. If I am looking at makeup on a woman’s face, the makeup isn’t doing its job. Makeup should be the supporting player to bring out the facial features you want people to focus on the most.

LN: How might makeup for Valentine’s Day be different from your day-to-day look?

BP: Whether it’s your first Valentine’s together or your 60th, people like to be surprised by something they find familiar. Think about what part of your face he compliments most. Is it your eyes? Your skin? Your lips? If it’s your first date, think about the feature that friends and co-workers compliment you on. Now, take whatever you do normally on that feature and amp it up an extra level. Try using a waterproof eyeliner in an opposite color of your eye in a ‘Tight’ or ‘French Line’ application (apply liner in-between and underneath your top lash line) to make your eye color jump out without looking like you’re wearing too much. If it’s your lips, try adding a lip liner in a similar color after your regular lipstick to add fullness and definition without looking unnatural. It’s taking what you normally do and tweaking it ever so slightly to make an impression.

LN: What are your tips for kissable lips?

BP: Nobody wants to kiss dry or cracked lips, so treat your lips well year-round. Exfoliate them weekly, and use a softener or a lipstick with a conditioning treatment. Try wearing lipstick colors that are out of the norm for you to get some immediate attention. The trick to picking a bolder color lipstick is as simple as opening your closet. What is a color that you love to wear and is predominant in your wardrobe? Chances are, a lipstick or a gloss in a similar color will look stunning on you.

LN: If you’re going with a deep red for the lips, how will that affect your eye makeup?

BP: Reds will always be the center of attention. A mistake I see women make when experimenting with a new red lipstick is that they don’t change what they do on their eyes. Reds should be left as the statement and eyes minimally touched up to support the statement.

LN: You might be tempted to play up the drama for a big night, but how do you avoid overdoing it?

BP: Whether you are getting your makeup done or doing it yourself, you must have a visual direction. Bring pictures in to a makeup artist to give them definitive direction, and if you are doing it yourself, practice when you have nowhere to go and nothing to do. That way, if you make mistakes, you wash it off and try again with no pressure of time.

LN: What makeup trends are you looking forward to the most for spring?

BP: Tangerine! It’s going to be everywhere: runways, clothing, accessories and makeup collections, as well. Tangerine Tango will be the color this spring, and I personally love this color because it’s unexpected and user-friendly. If you want to become familiar with the natural, fresh warmth this color can bring to the face, start playing with a bronzer this winter. Use a bronzer on your eyes as shadow, or on the lips as a base under a gloss or neutral lipstick. It’s going to be the breakout color of the year, and one most women will find themselves using for many seasons to come.

LN: When you’re working with a new product, how do you get people to try it?

BP: Simply put, I tell them it’s makeup and if it doesn’t work, it comes off. Changing your makeup routine is as important as changing your wardrobe. Feeling beautiful is feeling confident, and the only way to confidently apply makeup is to trust what you are doing.