Looking at a wall full of fantastic perfumes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To get the inside scoop on choosing the one that’s right for you—or for a gift—we turned to the fragrance expert for Sephora St. Louis Galleria, Andrew Reich. With six years in the field of cosmetics and certification from The Fragrance Foundation, along with training from Sephora University, Reich offers tips that won’t steer you wrong.

LN: Which fragrances are most popular in fall versus other times of the year?

AR: As we transition to fall there is a shift in popularity toward warmer, full fragrances. Just as we swap out our T-shirts and shorts for sweaters and jeans, there is less of the citrus that dominates spring and summer scents and more of a preference for soft powdery florals, comforting vanilla or Tonka bean. The new Vera Wang Lovestruck fragrance is a current favorite of mine, for a transition from late summer into early fall.

LN: What distinguishes a fragrance you would wear every day from a night-out scent?

AR: Think of shopping for fragrance in the same way you would shop for clothes: You wouldn’t wear a cocktail dress to the office and vice versa. Casual fragrances, those with notes of citrus, soft florals and light base notes, are more appropriate for daytime or work. Special occasion fragrances, which you would wear for a date or a night out with friends, are full of warmer notes like vanilla or sandalwood, bolder or lush floral notes, and deep amber and patchouli base notes.

LN: Can you give a couple of tips to help women choose a fragrance that suits their personality and lifestyle?

AR: I feel we lead the field in helping women discuss fragrance as a representation of their personality and mood as opposed to just fragrance types. Sephora’s biggest tool to aide in this is our Scentsa touch-screen system. Using the Scentsa, clients can take a personality quiz to find which type suits them best, or look up fragrances in many different ways, even down to a single fragrance note they enjoy.

LN: How would you choose a fragrance that you’re giving as a gift?

AR: This is a question we get a lot, and not without reason. Buying a fragrance as a gift can be very hit or miss when there are hundreds of fragrances on the wall, and everyone’s nose and preference is different. One thing we’ve come up with as a solution to this problem is our Sephora Favorites Fragrance Samplers, gift boxes containing trial vials of some of our bestsellers and a gift voucher to redeem for a full size of whichever fragrance they prefer. We carry them for both men and women and in two sizes, depending on how much you would like to spend.

LN: Can you speak on the appeal of celebrity fragrances?

AR: These days, it seems that celebrities are everywhere you turn, and who doesn’t love it? So it seems fitting that we would want to smell like our favorite actress or singer. One of our most popular celebrity fragrances is Jennifer Aniston’s eponymous fragrance, and I adore it! It is extremely casual and easy to wear but still has a fresh beachy vibe that is very sexy. Other great choices include celebrity fragrances like Kate Walsh Boyfriend and Justin Bieber Someday.

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