A lash perm at Ginger Bay Salon and Spa. Photo by Jason Mueller

Beauty’s only skin deep, but that’s what people see first—and first impressions count. Local salons and spas offer a tantalizing array of treatments to keep our skin and hair in great shape, including procedures that can bronze your skin (safely) and curl your lashes.

Salon Euforia

    Tracy Schroeder, owner of Salon Euforia, is on a one-woman mission to obliterate what she calls ‘the walking orange ones’ from St. Louis. “You’ve seen them—people who turn orange from booth spray tans or drugstore self-tanners,” she says. “That’s the result of cheap chemicals and iodine in the tanning solutions.” Schroeder, known as ‘the queen of airbrush spray tans,’ has been perfecting her technique for five years. “I use the best products on the market, with all-natural ingredients that don’t streak or have a dreadful odor.”

    Most tanning salons or booths offer clients only one shade; Schroeder uses three, custom-blending for each client to disguise flaws and create an even, perfect tan, she says. “One shade does not fit all: how your skin reacts to the solution depends on your individual body chemistry, including hormones and melanin levels,” she explains.

    Schroeder can ‘read’ clients immediately. “I know what shade will look best on them, and I’ve got a steady hand and a great eye for detail,” she says. Trust is essential. “You’ve got people standing there naked or in very little clothing. If they’re ill at ease, they won’t come back. I make the experience worry-free and fun.” She has added color to the lives of clients ages 3 to 84. “And the 84-year-old was a guy!” she says. “He had a hot date with a lady friend, and wanted to look his best.”

Jean Phillipe & Co.

    You look great! Did you just get back from vacation? Lisa Mayer’s clients are hearing that a lot these days, especially after they’ve enjoyed a micro-current facial, one of many anti-aging treatments available at the salon.  “Micro-current facials are just starting to reach the Midwest,” says Mayer, who learned the procedure in California.

    The treatment delivers safe, low-level electrical impulses that lift and firm facial muscles, Mayer explains. “It repairs collagen and increases elastin production in the deepest layer of skin, while gradually erasing signs of aging in the top layer,” she says. “It also improves circulation, texture and tone.” The current, administered through two metal probes on the skin’s surface, passes through a layer of nourishing creams. “The client feels a slight tingle, a little more intense around the eye area, but it’s completely painless.”

    Clients notice a difference after just one session,” Mayer says. “It lifts the brow area and tightens the upper lid,” she says. “But there’s a cumulative effect, too—after several treatments, the cheek area and jawline tighten up.” There’s also an immediate psychological boost, she notes. “When you look better, you feel great about yourself.”

Ginger Bay Salon and Spa

    If eyes are the windows of the soul, that makes eyelashes the drapes. Now stylish St. Louisans can upgrade their window treatments with a lash perm at Ginger Bay. “The treatment is especially popular with clients who’ve used Latisse, a lash-growing product that results in longer lashes that tend to stick straight,” explains head aesthetician Galina Nerush.

    The 45-minute procedure uses rods, perm solution and neutralizer, just like a traditional permanent wave. “It gently curves the lashes for a more defined, wide-eyed look, without using a lash curler,” Nerush says. The procedure is safe—and relaxing. “While we wait for the solution to process, we massage your shoulders.” The lash perm lasts up to six weeks.

    The spa also offers a soothing array of anti-aging facials, Nerush adds. “We have an exfoliating peel that helps banish age spots, a deep hydration mask that locks in moisture and imparts a healthy glow, and a vitamin C treatment that reduces sun damage and helps build collagen.” New this summer is a pomegranate-based, enzyme exfoliating treatment that lightly exfoliates while increasing the skin’s antioxidant defenses. “It’s more gentle than a glycolic acid peel,” she says. “And, like all spa treatments, it feels amazing.”