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Like it or not, your face makes your first impression for you every day. So treat it with the care it deserves. This month, LN spoke with Michaelenne Klier, senior business consultant for Jane Iredale, about why so many dermatologists choose the brand, what exactly a BB cream does, and how to transition to the perfect fall look.

LN: Why are Jane Iredale products sold mainly at dermatologists’ and cosmetic surgeons’ offices, as well as medical spas?

MK: Ours is a very clean makeup line and it’s healthy for your skin. There are no binders, fillers, talc or parabens, and a lot of women are sensitive to those ingredients. We use very clean minerals and a lot of antioxidants, as well as certified organic botanicals. The coverage is also phenomenal. The other day, we did makeup on a girl who had really bad hyper-pigmentation. We used our newest product, a BB Cream called Glow Time, over her entire face. It can camouflage irritation or bruising after procedures or a skin condition. It helps to give confidence to those women who have skin issues.

LN: What do BB creams do, and why are they suddenly becoming so popular?

MK: Iredale’s BB cream just launched in July. They started in Asia and Europe, and now they’re becoming the biggest craze in the U.S. The BB first stood for ‘blemish balm,’ and later became known as a ‘beauty balm.’ They were originally used after laser treatments to camouflage redness, because they had a lot of moisture content, full coverage and also carried an SPF.

A lot of people don’t realize it’s a brand new sector of makeup, a brand new product. A couple of companies are promoting BB creams as a tinted moisturizer, but they’re not. Tinted moisturizers are sheer in coverage, and a BB is designed to be full coverage. We have six self-adjusting shades. The trick on ours is you should use very little and you can always build upon it.

LN: Are there any changes women should make in their skin-care routine going into fall?

MK: One thing would definitely be using a richer moisturizer. It can help make your makeup look even better. As you get into winter and fall months, as far as foundation, it switches to more of a dewy look. To achieve that glow, you can use a highlighter. We have one called Complete Touch Cream Highlighter. You pop it on the high point of your cheekbone, and you can also use it on the outside of the face up into the temple and maybe a little bit running down the nose

In general, you do want to warm up the makeup look a little more. I like the nude look; but in the winter, it’s adjusting the lip color slightly to a wine or berry color, or a red. You can go a little deeper in color because we get a little paler as the winter goes along, and adjusting the lip and cheek color can make a big difference.

LN: What is your favorite makeup tip to tell clients?

MK: People don’t realize that if they’re not using a primer, their makeup isn’t going to stay on as well. Using the right primer will make a big difference. With Iredale, we have two: The first is Absence, which is a cream that sets to a powder. It’s for more oily or acne-prone skin types. And we just launched Smooth Affair, which is for normal or dryer skin. A lot of people think of primers for summer to control oil, but they are still important into fall and winter.

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