Venetian jewelry designer Marco Bicego became immersed in his craft at an early age, watching his father—a goldsmith— work with precious metals. Today, his line represents not only that early influence, but also incorporates the designer’s worldwide travels to bring ‘everyday luxury’ home. Bicego will make a personal appearance (and bring several special pieces from his collection) at his trunk show at Saks Fifth Avenue at Plaza Frontenac from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Oct. 18.

LN: How did you first become interested in making jewelry?

MB: I have always had a passion for jewelry—I grew up watching my father and learned the craft from an early age. My deep-rooted tradition of artisanal goldsmithing techniques allows me to innovate while staying true to the core principals of our brand.

LN: Where does your inspiration come from?

MB: I draw inspiration from the beauty I find in my everyday life: colors in nature, architectural design, and I imagine what my clients want to wear next! Also, I am very inspired by the places I travel to, and often, I name my collections after the destination that has inspired me—Jaipur, Africa and Paradise.

LN: Do you have a favorite material or gem to work with?

MB: Gold. Gold is intrinsic to our brand DNA. We use 18-karat gold, which is hand-engraved, creating a tactile finish that remains practically unalterable through time. Our signature gemstone is called MIX01—it is a combination of semi-precious stones including amethyst, citrines, peridot, etc. We call it MIX01 as the assortment of semi-precious stones is never exactly the same, making each piece truly unique. For example, you may see a Paradise bracelet and one strand has a different color pattern than the next.

LN: A lot of your designs play on ‘imperfect’ and irregular shapes. What is the appeal of those characteristics?

MB: My pieces are what we like to call ‘imperfectly perfect’—the organic nature of our design and the precious material of gold allow the pieces to take an irregular shape, which gives each collection depth and a certain sensibility. Slight differences allow us to achieve texture in the gold that differentiates Marco Bicego in the market. It’s one of the brand’s signatures.

LN: Do you design with a particular customer in mind?

MB: She has an innate sense of style and isn’t afraid to experiment with jewelry from layering to wearing it in unconventional ways. My pieces embody what I like to call ‘everyday luxury,’ so I love to see how different women use my jewelry in their everyday life. It’s a wonderful feeling to see my pieces being worn and it reminds me of our commitment to creating collections that are timeless and classic, embodying a sense of relaxed luxury. My pieces are meant to be worn every day, not stored away in a jewelry box waiting for an occasion.

LN: How does your heritage play a role in your designs?

MB: Passion, quality and craftsmanship are the three principles at the heart of the Marco Bicego brand. Founded on these ideals, Marco Bicego has, in a few short years, established itself as a leader in the luxury accessories arena and has provided its loyal following with jewelry that blends Old World craftsmanship with a modern fashion sensibility. My heritage is infused in all of my designs as the Marco Bicego brand has grown up in Venetian culture, as it’s where our company is based.