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What could be more relaxing, indulgent and beneficial than a day at the spa? We talked with Kim Palmier of The Face Company about ways to detoxify, refresh and renew.

What type of treatment would you recommend for the holidays?

One of our premier treatments is a body wrap with oxygen facial. Body wraps are amazing before a special event, and the two of them together are the dynamic duo. We do the oxygen facial with a piece of equipment that is multi-dynamic; it includes cleansing, then our FaceCo Clinical Serum is infused into the skin based on the needs of the individual, and we follow up with oxygenation. The skin stays refreshed and hydrated; it’s what Madonna does before events, so we call it the ‘red carpet duo.’

Why is an oxygen facial so beneficial?

Oxygen stimulates cellular activity, so if the skin appears sluggish and tired, it rejuvenates. Oxygen is one of our primary needs for life. It’s rejuvenating, refreshing and revitalizing.

What are the major concerns that clients come to you with?

One we see often is sun damage to the skin, which we treat with photofacials and a cold light laser. Another is general loss of firmness, or the skin is just not as resilient as it used to be. For loss of firmness—especially around the eyes—we use the Viora system, which is FDA approved for skin tightening. It’s a system that delivers heat deep into the skin at three different levels: At the superficial level, it improves elastin connectivity; at the middle layer, it creates circulatory stimulation; and at the third level, or hypodermis, it supports collagen growth. It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical approach. It gives instant gratification, along with building of collagen for longer-term results.

But the core of our business is laser hair removal. We use the Palomar Icon, which is the No. 1 FDA-approved provider of aesthetic devices for hair removal.

How many treatments does it take to get good results for hair removal?

When you’re working with non-invasive, no-downtime scenarios for things like laser hair removal or body sculpting, you’ll typically need multiple treatments. We go by a corrective category count in multiples of three: A mild corrective would be three, a medium corrective would be six, and a high corrective would be nine. It depends on the individual and the area being treated.

Any other tips for our readers?

Exfoliation, hydration and protection: They’re the three must-dos. And of course, love yourself.

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