Jill Price Harshall of Dr Huaschka Skin Care

Jill Price Marshall knows a thing or two about fostering beauty. She started out at Whole Foods and transitioned seamlessly from eco-friendly food to environment-friendly skin care, always driven by a philosophy based on holistic practices. Now serving as public relations manager for Dr. Hauschka, she encourages women to do their research before buying products labeled ‘organic‘ or ‘natural.‘

LN: How did you get your start in the beauty industry?

JM: I started by working for Whole Foods, which was quite an amazing learning experience since it‘s such a progressive company. But I always had an interest in skin care, so I went to school to become an esthetician.

LN: How did you land where you are?

JM: Soon after joining the company, I became a certified Dr. Hauschka esthetician and worked my way to manage the customer service department, then to public relations manager.

LN: What does your position involve?

JM: I‘m responsible for ensuring the brand is positioned properly and garners national coverage. I manage our VIP accounts, which include celebrities, hair stylists and makeup artists in the TV and film industries. Lastly, I manage the Dr. Hauschka Ambassador Program, which builds a larger sense of community among loyal devotees, and I handle the company‘s philanthropic endeavors.

LN: What changes have you noticed in the business?

JM: Certainly the move toward natural products is the biggest change. Within the last three to five years, consumers have started demanding and expecting cleaner, purer products. We‘re doing exactly what we‘ve always done, but in the past few years, it‘s been a matter of making sure our brand is differentiated in the marketplace. Another change is the spa industry, which is also going more ‘green‘ by creating lifestyle programs for clients as opposed to simply offering a place to get a facial or your nails done.

LN: Why do you think more women are interested in a product‘s ingredients now?

JM: There‘s been great education and awareness in the media. Look at what Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio have done by standing up for these issues. People are starting to realize that it‘s not only what you put in your body that can profoundly affect your health, but also what you put on your body.

LN: What else are women looking for in beauty products?

JM: They need to be effective. Women are really looking at whether a product will do what it says over the long haul.

LN: What is Dr. Hauschka‘s philosophy on natural ingredients?

JM: We‘re not only using natural ingredients, but our mission is to heal humanity and the earth. We‘re not reacting to a market trend. We look at how we do business holistically, which is all encompassing, from ingredients, how our products are manufactured, and the use of organic and biodynamic agriculture. Our company is held in a nonprofit trust, so we consider fair trade initiatives around the globe and ask if ingredients are grown in a sustainable and respectable way. We also look at giving back to the community.

LN: How can a woman ensure that her beauty products are ‘natural‘?

JM: If consumers want to move in a green direction, that means investigating. Sometimes they can be duped by looking at a label that says organic, ask how the ingredients are cultivated and what the business practices of that company are. They might think they made an ethical choice by buying an ‘organic‘ product when, if they dig a little deeper, that‘s not the case. Knowing something is certified takes the guesswork out of making an eco-conscious choice.

LN: Are Dr. Hauschka products certified?

JM: We hold the certification of the BDIH, a third-party German certification organization believed to have the strictest standards in the world.

LN: What is your personal favorite product?

JM: Body Silk, a powder made with silk. I use it multiple times a day on my hair, face and body. I have a bottle in every bathroom in my house, at my desk and in my bag!

LN: What is the most important beauty advice you can give our readers?

JM: It‘s better to be proactive when taking care of your skin than reactive. It‘s very important to establish a daily regimen at a young age, one that nurtures and cares for your skin. Remember that great skin has as much to do with what you‘re putting in your body as what you put on it, so exercise and drink lots of water, which will benefit your skin from the inside out.