Marc Reagan

Now that you’ve seen all the colors that are hitting the stores this fall, it’s time to make them work for you. LN got the scoop from Marc Reagan, master of artistry for Bobbi Brown.

LN: What color trends are you excited about for fall?

MR: It’s all about combining soft hues with bright colors. For fall, Bobbi Brown’s Desert Twilight Collection showcases the emerging color trends with soft nudes and pinks, and bright, unexpected shades of blue and turquoise to complement them.

LN: Will those trends work on any complexion? What tips can you give women for making it work for them?

MR: The pink and bronzy nudes in the collection work on all skin tones. The best tip I can give women is to use a pop of color to accent either your eyes or lips—but never both. If bright color is not for you, play with textures such as sparkle, gloss or a fun nail color. There is something for everyone.

LN: What are some tricks for playing up a favorite feature like the eyes or lips?

MR: Great makeup starts with great skin, so before playing up your eyes or lips, make sure to begin with a clean canvas. If you choose to accentuate your eyes, make sure to first cover under eye circles with a corrector and concealer, such as Bobbi’s Secret of the Universe. A heavy shadow or liner will only enhance any darkness you may already have under the eye. If you opt to apply a bolder lip, make sure your eye makeup is more subtle, as you never want your lip and eye competing. Less is more.

LN: What are some tips for finding a good, high-quality makeup product? And how does the quality of your makeup contribute to the end result?

MR: The best way to find a high-quality product is to try it on. You have to be able to feel its texture and finish on the skin. Finding a great product will ensure that your makeup lasts throughout the day without turning a different color on your skin and stay on with minimal touch-ups needed.

LN: Would you use different types of makeup products in the fall versus the summer—such as a different weight of foundation?

MR: Switching your makeup products each season is very important. In warmer climates, you’ll want to opt for long-wearing products such as Bobbi’s Long Wear Cream Shadow and Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. These products last for 12 hours and can withstand even the most humid temperatures. Also, try a tinted moisturizer, as it offers light coverage and protects skin from harmful UVA/UBA rays. For fall and winter months, you may want to transition to a heavier formula that has more coverage and moisturizes the skin.

LN: Should women make any changes to their skincare routine heading into fall?

MR: Every woman should evaluate their skin every day. Pay attention to your skin’s surface texture and make sure your skin feels supple and balanced. Oftentimes, women need to switch skin care regimens as the seasons change. Also, skin is reflective of a healthy lifestyle. Bobbi believes that eating right, exercising and drinking plenty of water is the foundation for beautiful skin. Your skin will thank you!

LN: What mistakes do you often see women make regarding their makeup or skin care?

MR: The only mistake you can make is getting caught in a makeup rut. Makeup is supposed to help women feel better about themselves. Adapting your makeup and skincare routine to your lifestyle will allow you to feel like yourself at your prettiest.