On Trend: Brocade Brigade

Fall is always about taking things up a notch in your wardrobe. You can get away with a little more luxe by incorporating fur, or some touches of gold or rich fabrics like brocades or tapestry patterns. With the baroque trend showing up everywhere, it’s easy to add these opulent pieces into your fall rotation. 

Must-Have: Color-Block Sweaters

As the saying goes, Everything old is new again, and this trend certainly proves that point. Whether you are feeling a 60’s mondrian vibe or going for a more graphic 80’s look, the color-block sweater is a new way to stay warm this fall. 

Everybody’s Wearing... Peter Pan Collar necklace

One of the most popular shirt styles for fall is the Peter Pan-collared shirt. A look that's popular with celebrities like Alexa Chung and Rachel Bilson, it’s a little sweet, a little preppy and definitely stylish. But if you’re not quite sure you can commit to the whole shirt, try this charming way to add a 'Little Lord Fauntleory' to any simple top, sweater or dress.


Bit by Bit

While traveling to Uganda in 2007, Kallie Dovel met women making beads out of recycled paper but who lacked a plan to market and sell them. After finishing school, Dovel brought on a few friends, and together, they decided to do more than sell these pretty trinkets: They wanted to conquer poverty in Northern Africa. No small feat, the girls looked to other organizations and decided to hire on six women and began 31bits, a development program to not only give North African women a sustainable income but holistic care and education. The program is a stepping stone to learn business experience and gain an amount of money so that the women can 'graduate' and start small businesses on their own. The program now employs 99 women who are overcoming poverty and finding joy and liberation. “To see the power of these ladies providing for themselves in a culture where women don’t have much of a say--to see that change is incredible”.

31bits is available at Esther.

New in Shoes

If you are like me, you are anxiously awaiting the opening of Saks Fifth Avenue’s re-designed store. Most specifically, the shoe department. Having personally spent many hours in the New York Saks shoe department, I was thrilled to hear that our store is not only re-decorating the space, but expanding its collection and adopting the very stylish ZIP code, 1022-SHOE, after the New York flagship’s shoe salon. Slated to open Oct. 26, Fendi and Manolo Blahnik will join an expanded assortment of Prada, YSL and Valentino in the 3,457 square-foot space. St. Louis GM Doug Moss says, "We will feature the most exciting designer shoe assortment in the city. Paired with our world class service, we will provide the St. Louis fashion lover with the most sought-after shoes in a luxurious environment that only Saks Fifth Avenue can provide.”

Slip into Fall

I love and live in my ballet flats. But I kept wondering when we would see a new trend emerge when it came to a flat shoe. Lo and behold, the smoking slipper. Once only belonging to the playboys and cads, this luxe shoe is the newest way to mix comfort with style and the designer who has been spearheading this is Charles Phillip. Based in Shanghai, he found the inspiration for his shoe from his favorite striped shirt. He had a Chinese cobbler make a striped shirt shoe and that was the beginning of his now infamous slipper, which are all lined with his signature blue and white stripes. Phillip creates his collections by touching upon his favorite elements: the ease of Moroccan babouches, the elegance of the English gentry slipper and the freshness of striped cottons and soft colorful linens. And because Phillip sees his design as more than just a flash-in-the pan trend, this more sophisticated cousin of the ballet flat is a shoe that will surely stand the test of time.

A Shop Worth the Stop

Ivy Hill Boutique—304 N. Euclid Ave., 367-7004, ivyhillboutique.com, Hours: Mon.-Tues. 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wed.¬–Sat. 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ready to amp up your personal style? Looking for a posh gift idea? Run; don’t walk to Ivy Hill Boutique! Located in the heart of the Central West End, the boutique is a Mecca of everything fashionable! Unique displays feature trendy fashions, chic accessories, indulgent handbags, home décor and charming gift ideas. With selections from more than 60 designers, including BB Dakota, Milly, 525 American and Amanda Uprichard you’re sure to find something to appeal to your inner fashionista. 

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