On Trend: Combat Chic

Not unlike the actual armed forces, fall’s military trend is an age-old tradition that always gets the job done. With shades of olive, epaulet details, pockets galore and, of course, camouflage prints, this utilitarian look will have you ready to do battle stylishly.




Loafer, slipper, slip-on…whatever you call it, this shoe has become the classic flat that every designer is designing and every fashionable girl is wearing.



Everybody’s Carrying


It’s hard to believe the backpack-as-a-purse is making a comeback. No longer a nostalgic ‘90’s college staple, the backpack has graduated into a chic adult carry-all. One of my favorites is the ‘Lora’ by Liebeskind. If you haven’t heard of this Berlin-based company yet, you soon will. Handmade of vintage leather, Liebeskind is making beautiful pieces for the woman who wants a casual, timeless and one-of-a-kind bag.





Line I Love: Kate Pollman Jewelry

Local designer Kate Pollman took a leap of faith and left a corporate job in marketing at Brown Shoe to follow her passion of becoming a jewelry designer. And in just one year, she launched her eponymous line. With a focus on vintage elements and incorporating natural stones, Kate Pollman Jewelry is composed of statement pieces in a range of price points. Meticulously handcrafted, Pollman draws her inspiration from fashion, art and interiors, and the raw materials she finds in her travels. “Jewelry—whether major diamonds, cheap and chic, or anything in-between—has the power to excite and delight,” Pollman says. “The Kate Pollmann Jewelry collection is designed to elicit that same response from the women who wear it”.

Kate Pollman jewelry is available at Ivy Hill, Byrd Style Lounge and The Woman’s Exchange.


Madewell Opening

The little sister of J.Crew is about to have her moment here in St. Louis. Madewell is opening its first St. Louis store at Plaza Frontenac. Known for its timeless denim and leather pieces, Madewell has just hired a new designer, Somsack Sikhounmuong, to bring the brand back to its roots. After a slight foray into some trendy and quirkier collections, Sikhounmuong is focusing on reinstating the authentic, warm and lived-in basics the company was known for, while adding some feminine touches. “Maybe it’s something that you saw your brother wearing when you grew up — like a great rugby shirt or a great sweatshirt that your dad wore — so, finding all those great, go-to pieces, and then layering on the more feminine things. It’s often a combo of the feminine and masculine, or casual with pretty,” Sikhounmuong tells The New York Times. The store is slated for a Nov. 5 opening.



Shop Worth a Stop

The Eye Bar

401 N. Euclid, 367-1848, theeyebar.com

Hours: Mon. by appointment; Tues. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Wed.-Sat. 11 a.m to 7 p.m.; Sun. noon to 5 p.m.

St. Louisans who want a look like no one else shop for glasses at The Eye Bar.

The Eye Bar co-owner Stacey Plank says that before opening her business, she ran a store for an eyewear designer, and saw how—just like clothing designers—each one has their own signature and flavor. Plank and her husband, Jared, wanted to open a store that featured independent optical designers, bringing something new to St. Louis.

Specializing in what Plank calls “modern, pretty and timeless” glasses, The Eye Bar offers premium brands such as SALT, Face a Face, Lunor and Beausoleil. “People want to feel pretty and handsome and attractive, so we try to avoid the really bizarre and find stuff that’s unusual, but pretty.”

Customers of The Eye Bar don’t get the usual experience of picking out glasses. The store actually has a bar at which customers sit, get a drink and relax, while staffers bring them frames to try on. “Our whole concept was to take the clinical feel out of it,” Plank says. “When people see the doctor [at traditional optometry stores], they just get shuffled from room to room. We wanted to take all that pain away. Customers here feel relaxed and welcome.”


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