On Trend: Boho Beach

Beach season is almost here, and the look for summer is definitely Bohemian. Ethnic prints mixed with muted colors, fringe details and loose-fitting shapes—this style works great on every body type and age. And if you are looking for some ‘healthy’ color before the summer sun comes out, try my favorite D-I-Y spray, Tahitian Tan Mist. People will swear you’ve just come from the beach!


Must-Have...Beaded Chains

Keeping with the Bohemian vibe, beaded necklaces are everywhere right now. Adding great color and style to any outfit at any price point, these strands really make an outfit pop!


Everybody’s Wearing Carrying... Joie Beach Bag

While at the beach for Spring Break, I stumbled upon one of the cutest beach bags I’ve seen in a while. Of course it was Joie, one of my all-time favorite lines. Known for its understatedly chic blouses (I must own 10 of them), the company has recently launched handbags. Keeping with the casual, comfortable and luxurious Joie aesthetic, the ‘Louisa Tote’ is the perfect carry-all to take you from the city to the beach effortlessly. Available in four vibrant colors, this is definitely the must-have bag of the summer.

Joie “Louisa Tote,” $118, Available at Cha Boutique


Line I Love: Nellie Partow

It seems the older I get, the more I long for simple, classic, quality clothing with clean lines and a great fit. I find that I wear the pieces more, they last longer and I don’t find myself looking back at pictures saying, “Oh yes, that was during my (“insert trend”) phase.” So I was thrilled to discover Nellie Partow. Having built a reputation for designing clothing that combines refined minimalism with an effortless approach, Partow’s line is a perfect place to find those quality, timeless pieces. She is a Parsons graduate and an alum of Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and John Varvatos—all pioneers at commercial minimalism, so to say she has been trained well is an understatement. As told to Harper’s Bazzar, Partow says, “I am very much inspired by an effortless ease and an approachable way to dressing, as well as the craftsmanship and handwork that goes into beautifully tailored-made clothing. For me really, it’s about quality — from the dying process to the finishing process. The woman that we dress is very effortless.” Available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue, Partow will be in town May 9 to 10 for a trunk show featuring her spring line.



Rungolee Online

One of my favorite local lines is Rungolee: Anjali Kamra’s super-chic and stylish Indian-inspired tunics, dresses and jewelry. Up until now, the line has only been available through trunk shows and special orders, something I personally love (very few things in my closet are as one-of-a-kind). So it is with mixed emotions to announce Anjali finally is launching rungolee.com. Going live this month, the website will be a gorgeous representation of her stylish and sophisticated vision of the Rungolee woman. Says Kamra, “Finally, all my clients across the country can view the collection and order online with the click of a button! The site is both visually beautiful and very easy to navigate.”



Jazz-Age Glamour

Our Gatsby-inspired fashion shoot at the Opera Theatre last summer was one of my most popular stories to date - who doesn’t love the glamour and style of the roaring ‘20s, coupled with the excitement of the highly anticipated new Gatsby movie? Adding to all the hoopla is, of course, Tiffany & Co.’s collaboration with two-time Oscar-winning costume and production designer Catherine Martin. Tiffany has created an exquisite jewelry line for the The Great Gatsby film, which also is available for purchase at Tiffany stores and online. Archival designs and custom pieces make up the gorgeous line of necklaces, earrings, flasks and of course, diamond headpieces, to name a few. And be sure to check out the exclusive window installations to honor the collaboration at the Tiffany store in Plaza Frontenac.


Shop Worth A Stop

Laurie's Shoes—9916 Manchester Road, 991-1642, Hours: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

 By Michael de los Reyes

Laurie’s Shoes is St. Louis’ white elephant in the national industry. “It’s a small, independent store going into its fourth-generation of family ownership,” says Mark Waldman, who manages the stores with his extended family. The family prides itself in offering 50,000 brands of high-end fashion but comfortable shoes to St. Louis. “We’ll attend shows in Paris, New York, Chicago and throughout the world and bring the best here,” Waldman says.  It’s common for Waldman to see children he helped 37 years ago bring their own children to the store for shoes. Waldman also has numerous foot specialists to match customers’ feet to the perfect shoe. In a world of big box stores, it’s nice to see St. Louis has it’s very own, and very successful, family tradition.

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