Ladies, we know you’re out there: Those of you who don’t care much for heavy, heady perfume. But before you turn up your nose, we present our choices for light, everyday fragrances—enough to make your mark without overdoing or overwhelming.

1 Warm and feminine, Sensuous Nude by ESTÉE LAUDER has hints of woods and musks, Sicilian bergamot and baie rose (pink peppercorn). $90 (3.4 ounces), available at fi ne department stores.

2 Love the lingering scent of your man, especially when he’s not around? Boyfriend was inspired by actress KATE WALSH following a breakup. Amber and woods combine with vibrant fl orals to capture that scent with a feminine twist. $65 (1.7 ounces), available at Sephora.

3 Wildbloom from BANANA REPUBLIC exudes joy and a positive vibe with a subtle fl oral/ fruity combination that includes notes of guava, pink grapefruit, blue orchid, Hawaiian pikake and sandalwood. $48 (1.7 ounces), available at Banana Republic.

4 The name says it all: CLEAN’s Skin Eau de Parfum is crisp, soapy and straight out-of-the-shower sensational with hints of lotus blossom, white musk and creamy vanilla. $69 (2.14 ounces), available at Sephora.

5 Be sweet without being sugary with LOLITA LEMPICKA’s Si Lolita. Its fresh, mellow scent is reminiscent of baby powder—with a little sweet pea, hawthorn and magnolia mixed in. $90 (3.4 ounces), available at Nordstrom.

6 Think grown-up in a candy store with I’m Yours, a GUESS Seductive Collection fragrance. Very fl irtatious with notes of passion fruit, white lily and exotic woods. $62 (2.5 ounces), available at fi ne department stores.

7 Believe the hype: BEYONCÉ’s Heat Rush from the triple-threat superstar is an attention-grabbing spritz of fun. Think blood orange, yellow tiger orchid and Brazilian cherry. Hot enough for ‘ya? $59 (3.4 ounces), available at fi ne department stores.

8 Bergamot, plum, geranium, peony and dark vanilla bean combine to create the seductive yet subtle Dark Kiss from BATH & BODY WORKS. Perfect for everyday wear! $29.50 (2.5 ounces), available at Bath & Body Works.