There is so much remarkable style in St. Louis, we thought it was about time to launch our very own best-dressed list. Having great style isn’t just about trends and a shopping obsession—it’s about creativity, individualism and confidence (OK, and a drool-worthy closet doesn’t hurt!). These five super-fashionable men and women embody all of those qualities—and then some—to make up LN’s first-ever Best-Dressed List.

Retta Leritz

Design director, Evntiv; owner, Retta le Ritz, an illustration and design studio

LN: Describe your style philosophy.

My style is best described a mix of classic, quirky and confident. I try to stay away from trends and instead focus on what best fits my shape and what makes me happy.

LN: Who is a style icon you admire most?

My style icon is my mother, as she is the most fearless when it comes to fashion. She knows and owns her look, which is unsurpassed.

LN: What are your go-to accessories?

I don't have a staple, but I try to accessorize with one statement piece every time I dress—whether it be a great pendant or a show-stopping pair of earrings.

LN: What are some basic fashion staples that every stylish person should have?

A good tailor can help define an entire wardrobe.

LN: Where do you like to do your shopping locally?

Byrd, Ivy Hill and the latest from Wai Ming

LN: Where would we find you on a lazy weekend afternoon?

My perfect weekend day would consist of a leisurely brunch with friends and an afternoon spent trolling through antique shops and estate sales.

LN: What are your hobbies?

Anything that allows for me to be creative: cooking, entertaining, drawing or decorating.

LN: What do you consider the most fashionable place in St. Louis?

Bar Les Freres, as the crowd is always chic in the most understated and subtle way.

David Diener

VP and Relationship Manager, St. Louis Trust Company

LN: Describe your style philosophy.

I would call my style, ‘updated preppy.’ My goal is to be classic in my dress, with a twist. I love bright colors. My wardrobe evolves over the years, but there is rarely a drastic change of direction from one year to the next. I am more formal than many of my friends: very comfortable in a coat and tie, even though business-casual is now acceptable full-time where I work. My philosophy dictates that I buy the highest-quality I can afford, because in the long run, quality turns out to be the best value.

LN: Who is a style icon you admire most?

Cary Grant

LN: What are your go-to accessories?

Watches, cuff links and pocket squares.

LN: What are some fashion staples every man should have?

A navy blazer; a well-tailored, two-button business suit with flat-front trousers; a pair of dark blue denim jeans; a well-polished pair of dress shoes (tie); and a pair of casual shoes (loafer-style).

LN: Where do you shop locally?

Far and away, Mistery Guy is my first choice.

LN: Where would we find you on a lazy weekend afternoon?

Mister Guy, lunch with friends, on a long walk, or curled up with my three dogs reading a good book.

LN: What’s the last good book you’ve read?

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

Arlene Maminta Browne

Owner, Robust Wine Bar & Catering

Principal, Robust Solutions - Strategic Communications


LN: Who is a style icon you admire most?

Audrey Hepburn: She had grace, style, a generous heart and a passion for life. She was beautiful inside and out.

LN: What are your go-to accessories?

Great jewelry. I love my Laura Kathleen cuff bracelet and the ‘edgy-ness’ of everything Hyper Haute by Erica Dunk. And shoes, glorious shoes: high heels and cowboy boots.

LN: What are some basic fashion staples that every stylish should have?

A little black dress (or three), stilletos, and a perfectly fitting pair of jeans.

LN: Where do you shop?

I love supporting local. Ivy Hill’s Hillary Dutcher has a great eye and the staff is outstanding But I can’t forget Paisley Boutique in Webster Groves and 10Denza in the CWE is fabulous.

LN: Where would we find you on a lazy weekend afternoon?

Weekend afternoons are family time, especially Sundays. We love going to brunch and playing outdoors when the weather is nice.

LN: What cause are you most passionate about?

There are so many great local not-for-profits and many that my husband, Stanley, and I are proud to support. Children, education and the arts are my focus. Right now, Marygrove has my heart.

LN: What's the last good book you've read?

I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak. It’s all about a person finding purpose in life. I think everyone can relate to that feeling at some point in their life.

Gilberto Pinela

Marketing Coordinator / Actor / On Air Talent TV

LN: Describe your style philosophy.

I march to the beat of my own drum. I do not subscribe to labels, trends or follow who wears what. My style is first and foremost age-appropriate, and casual for the most part: jeans and t-shirts, and sometimes a sport jacket will do. When required, a classic dark suit and tie are a must.

LN: What do you consider fashion staples?

For men, white T-shirts (v-neck and crew-neck) are a must. For women, a variety of shoes.

LN: Where would we find you on a lazy weekend afternoon?

You’ll find me mainly at Tower Grove Park, walking my dog. Or, hanging with my Quincy, Ill., peeps—I like the long country drive on Highway 61.

LN: What cause are you most passionate about?

PROMO is an organization working day in and day out to fight for the rights of people dealing with discrimination. PROMO advocates for equal rights to all.

LN: What are you hobbies?

Honestly, I don't do hobbies well. Get back at me when I am 80, I may have one. I think the word implicates that I need to be building, painting or doing something like collecting coins. I am not ready for that yet!

LN: What inspires you?

The quest to become a better human.

LN: Most fashionable place in St. Louis?

For a location, The Zodiac at Neiman Marcus; for an event, Saint Louis Fashion Week.

Anjali Kamra

Designer, Rungolee

LN: Describe your style philosophy.

I love the idea of wearing pieces that are unique, yet timeless, with a global, eclectic flair. Throwing on a beautifully embroidered top with a skinny jean during the day, and dressing it up for night with a Morroccan vintage embroidered clutch and high heels—that’s my idea of effortless, chic style!

LN: Who is a style icon you admire most?

Jackie O, though I love the whole ‘Jackie-O-meets-Jaipur’ vibe: taking something eclectic and streamlining it with a simple timeless silhouette—that is what I love!

LN: What are your go-to accessories?

Vintage Indian jewelry, one-of-a-kind clutches I designed from gorgeous fabrics found in the souks of Morrocco or the markets in India, and of course, my nude, patent-leather, rock-stud Valentino flats!

LN: What are some fashion staples that every stylish man/woman should have?

For the ladies, a beautifully embroidered and feminine blouse, a pair of black leather jeans for a little edge, and a beautiful pair of Valentino flats. For the men, a well-tailored shirt, a cashmere sleeveless vest, a tailored sharkskin velvet blazer—all layered up together and worn with a Paul Smith chocolate suede boot.

LN: What cause are you most passionate about?

Both my husband and I are passionate about education and the arts, and we invest a lot of our time and energy into these two areas.


Hair and makeup by Brady Keenan

Shot on location at Elaia & Olio,,

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