Trend section: Black & White Work Wear

While color has been huge for fall, I’ve noticed more and more neutral colors hitting the boutiques for the colder months. Black and white always looks sharp, but make it interesting with great shapes (peplums, pencil skirts), textures (leather, silk) and prints (dots, cross-hatch). Grey accessories are a great complement, and if you just can’t live without some color, add a little red to liven up your look.

Must-Have: Exotic Belts

Anyone who knows me knows I’m wild for any kind of animal print (pun intended). It’s a classic look that can be worn all year and adds great style to just about anything. If you’ve shied away from it in the past, a great way to incorporate this look into your wardrobe with is a belt. Animal print belts are everywhere right now and it’s just the touch to take your outfit from good to glam.

Everybody’s Wearing... Printed Leggings

It’s no longer just printed jeans that are all the rage this season - printed leggings are showing up everywhere. A cozier alternative to jeans, these Alternative leggings are perfect for winter paired with a chunky sweater and boots. I love the 'sweater prints' and the fact that they have a great elastic waist band (nothing worse than having to hike up your sagging leggings!).

Alternative leggings, $48, available at Cha Boutique


Rizzoli Books

There’s nothing I love much more than a great coffee table book. They are something that you can go back to again and again, and they look chic stacked around your home. Rizzoli has practically become a household name when it comes to these books and I’m dying to get my hands on the latest fashion books they have released.

Kate: The Kate Moss Book has been released with eight different covers by eight different photographers. Created by Kate Moss herself, in collaboration with creative director Fabien Baron, Jefferson Hack and Jess Hallett, this book is a highly personal retrospective of Moss’ career, tracing her evolution from “new girl with potential” to one of the most iconic models of all time.

First published in 2006, In Vogue has been updated with 80 additional pages in its latest edition, chronicling all that has happened in the last six years within the magazine and the worlds it covers. During that time, Teen Vogue has become an exciting, fresh voice, acting as the perfect transition for young girls to Vogue proper, while has become a rapidly growing force in the digital-fashion landscape. Another significant element in this new edition is the magazine’s recent focus on its contributors. “After The September Issue, there was interest among our readers in how Vogue editors live and how their taste informs their work and point of view,” explains fashion news director Mark Holgate. Allowing readers an inside look, the magazine has published personal reflections by longtime Vogue editors, in addition to stories on the private lives of favorite models, and fashion features starring personalities ranging from hip-hop artist Pharrell Williams to basketball great LeBron James.

Diana Vreeland After Diana Vreeland chronicles the life of a woman who revolutionized the fashion industry in a career that spanned four decades. The publication of this book coincides with an exhibition at the Palazzo Fortuny Museum in Venice that celebrates Vreeland’s enduring influence and personal style, her sensational work at Harper’s Bazaar and at Vogue, and her transformation of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute—all of which still fascinates more than 20 years after her death. With 800 photographs and illustrations, memorable quotes, and excerpts from Vreeland’s famous column Why Don’t You…? in Harper’s, the book will inspire and delight fashionistas around the world.

We Are Owls

Long gone are the days of the matching hat, gloves and scarf. Not just for warmth, scarves have become one of the coolest ways to make a fashion statement and We Are Owls is the perfect example of this. By naming their scarf label after everyone’s favorite creature of the night, cousins Emily and Ling Chen, along with childhood pal Connie Lui, gave a clever nod to the fact that the line was born in the evening hours, after their day jobs had ended and the girls convened to plot their future business. Designed with beautiful prints and constructed on the finest of cashmere yarns, these scarves are sure to become a lasting staple in your closet. Says Chen, “the scarf should not just function as a piece to keep you warm but should also make a statement, like the perfect jewelry or bag that makes the outfit, it completes the look.”

We Are Owls scarves, $175, available at 10denza

Line I Love: Nux

Looking for new activewear that not everyone is wearing? At least not yet? Look no farther than Naturally Fit in Clayton, which is now carrying Nux Activewear. Named for a goddess of Greek mythology, the goal of Nux is to offer women a fresh approach to activewear that combines fashion and performance with comfort and freedom of movement. Made of microfiber nylon, lycra and spandex, the line is packed with sleek, functional pieces including sleeveless hoodies, camisoles, adjustable strap bras and cropped pants. They even have a few pieces that can be worn with jeans or leggings (the poncho is my favorite). And with retail price points ranging from a comfortable $40 to $60, Nux is sure to be the next big thing in town.

Available at Naturally Fit in Clayton

A Shop Worth the Stop

By Michael de los Reyes

Esther—1556 South Lindbergh Blvd., 432-5300,, Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

“A boutique where mothers and daughters can shop for a variety of clothes to enjoy,” is the concept of Esther, says Kayleigh Moncey, manager of the Frontenac shop. In addition to fashionable clothing for adults, young girls often find outfits for their big events at Esther. Store owner Molly Brown’s vision is to provide a collaboration of East and West coast fashions that have simplicity and a unique style. Brown, an entrepreneur with an artist’s creativity, has designed women’s clothes for everyday life, photo and runway work. The store takes its name from Queen Esther, whose character and internal beauty won a king’s heart.  


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