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  • January 27, 2015

Hot Moms - Ladue News: Fashion & Living

Hot Moms

On Bethany: Sweater, Patterson J. Kincaid, $158, Saks Fifth Avenue Jeans, Hudson, $198, Saks Fifth Avenue… On Sabine: Dress, Egg Baby, $56, City Sprouts Shoes, Salt Water, $32, City Sprouts… On Brandi: Shirt, Michael Stars, $64, 9 Months in Style Jeans, Maternal America, $98, 9 Months in Style Lockett, Marlyn Schiff, $45, Ivy Hill… On Beckett: Shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren, $25, Neiman Marcus Shorts, Polo Ralph Lauren, $29.50, Neiman Marcus Shoes, Converse, $30, Laurie’s Shoes


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