The holidays are a time to look your best, so we went to the experts at Dominic Michael Salon to get their ideas for a stunning look for your festivities. Katie Silver modeled styles created by makeup artist Phi Trinh and hair stylist Elizabeth Knight, with clothing provided by Ivy Hill.

For Silver’s long, typically straight hair, Knight wanted to create a loose, romantic vibe that wasn’t too fussy. To achieve this, she first set the hair in curls, then pinned up the ringlets after allowing them to cool. Knight left Silver’s wispy, sideswept bangs loose to soften the look. “It’s simple in the front, with some drama in the back,” she says. “The main thing is we want her to feel comfortable.”

To mirror the romantic hair style, Trinh drew the focus to Silver’s lips with a cranberry lipstick. “A lot of people like to use a red lip for the holidays, and cranberry is on-trend now,” she says. When using a deep or bold color on the lips, Trinh notes, it’s important not to go overboard with an eye color that’s too dark. She applied eyeliner lightly, and created additional volume with a set of false upper lashes. “It’s a nice extra step for a holiday party,” she says. Trinh also used a light, shimmery shade on Silver’s eyelids, placing a lighter pigment toward the inside of the eyes to add some brightness. “It makes them pop more,” she says.

To create a luminous complexion, Trinh started by contouring Silver’s cheeks and jaw line to bring out the high and low points on her face. She then used an airbrushed foundation over the whole face. “It provides light coverage and it’s specially formulated to stay on longer,” she says. “Airbrushed foundation is good for evening events, when you want your makeup to really stay well.”

To tie it all together, Trinh used—what else?—a dash of holiday shimmer.

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