Romantic Fragrances
Photo by Sarah Crowder

A dab on the wrist—or a little dot just behind the ear—is all you’ll need to keep him guessing. As Valentine’s Day draws near, we present you with our fragrance selections for a romantic evening.

1. Shalimar by GUERLAIN embraces you with a sensual mix of rose, jasmine, vanilla and bergamot. $104 (3 fl. oz.), available at Dillards Galleria.

2. HANAE MORI’s Eau de Collection No. 8 is as sweet as can be, with the aroma of Japanese cherry blossom, plum nectar and passion flower. $99 (3.4 fl. oz.), available at fine department stores.

3. Wood, musk and bergamot combine for the warm, sophisticated scent of GUCCI Première. $105 (2.5 fl. oz.), available at Dillards Galleria.

4. The new fresh and floral fragrance from CARVEN is in high demand, perhaps for being très couture. White hyacinth, jasmine and ylang ylang will make you say Ooh la la! $84 (1 fl. oz.), available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

5. You’ll feel like you’re on a bed of roses with Eau Rose. DIPTYQUE’s new fragrance features an infusion of the queen of flowers that is both subtle and seductive. $98 (3.4 fl.oz.),

6. Violet, sandalwood and vanilla combine for a modern edge in ELIZABETH AND JAMES’ Nirvana Black, and comes packaged in a vintage-jewelry-inspired bottle. $55 (1 fl. oz.), available at Sephora.

7. JO MALONE’s London Rain collection captures the different moods of a downpour, such as the intoxicating morning-shower feel of Wisteria & Violet. $120 (3.4 fl. oz.), available at fine department stores.

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