From cordless blinds and shades to luxurious layers of natural-colored curtains, window treatments friendly to kids, pets and the environment are on trend.


  • Specialty shades. Honeycomb cellular shades, available in a variety of patterns, colors and sizes, are appropriate for specialty shape windows and skylights. They feature remote-control operation, as well as insulation that cuts down on heat and cold entering the home.
  • Stylish shutters. With no drawstrings, shutters are kid-friendly and pet-friendly. Plus, the treatment is timeless—they have a clean, stylish look in 100-year-old houses and brand new homes.
  • Privacy panels. Silhouette window treatments have sheer fabric in front and back and a solid vein for privacy in the middle, allowing for control of the amount of light coming into your home.


  • Environmentally friendly. Products made in the U. S. A. are popular. There is a strong emphasis on natural textures and layers, such as natural woven shades with clean curtain panels, for an organic look. Rod iron hardware, available in multiple finishes, completes the eco-friendly theme.
  • Kid-friendly. A new technology this year—motorized window treatments that operate by remote control or wall panel—are appealing with high-quality, clean and kid-friendly features.
  • Silk staple. Classic, floor-to-ceiling silk panels offer a clean and sleek look.