Whether you’re planning to build a new home or update an existing one, convey your vision to the experts. They can share the latest trends and tips that will help bring your dreams to fruition.


  • Changing times. The trend is simpler better built cabinetry with more features to maximize the use of space. Free-fit vinyl tile floors used in high-traffic areas are natural-looking, durable, easy on your joints and come with a lifetime warranty. More homeowners are choosing natural stones for countertops—the sealers offered with granite and marble increase their durability.
  • Popular projects. Currently bathrooms are one of the most popular remodel projects. Homes typically have two to three bathrooms, but each project can be completed at a manageable price point (because of their size). Also very popular are kitchens, sun rooms and additions because they add value and useable space to the home.
  • Mind your timeline. Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Painting or laying a floor is something the homeowner can undertake on their own if they’re inclined but it can wait until the end of the project so it won’t hold up overall progress.
  • Window watching. Windows properly designed and installed have the ability to set off a project. Glass can also be used creatively in cabinets, doors and as dividers. We’ve seen an increased desire for more natural lighting and the use of high-efficiency windows.


  • Sustainable luxury homes. Until recently, homeowners have disregarded the notion that they can have energy efficiency and comfort along with luxury. There is an increased trend in focusing on building energy-efficient, healthier homes, as well as an understanding that this is an integrated process that requires the coordination and installation of the right products and systems from the ground up.
  • Power of the pro. Anything beyond simple cosmetic repairs can benefit from a professional eye. While you may undertake what you consider ‘small projects’ on your own you can maximize your results with a skilled professional who is the right fit for you and your project.
  • Special spaces. Kitchens, master baths and lower levels are the most common request for remodels. Unfinished lower levels are a blank canvas and with the right creativity, the options are endless. In new builds, the trend is to trade slightly less space for more high-end finishes and efficient technology such as consistent temperature control. The focus is on comfort throughout the entire home and maximizing the use of square footage rather than having wasted space.