Lighting sets the mood for any room. To create the look that’s just right for you, experts will take into account everything from the style of fixture to the most appropriate type of bulb. We’ve asked them to help us navigate the maze of options.


  • The biggest trend swing has been LED lighting. Probably the No. 1 use for LED lights is cabinet lighting and cove lighting. In the past, people used incandescent sources that lasted about 2,000 hours, but the LED lights are lasting up to 50,000 hours. That makes it great for maintaining hard-to-reach lighting areas.
  • The other neat thing about LED lighting is that you can get a lot of light out of a compact source. We have tape lighting that’s almost like a piece of scotch tape, and it allows you so many ways to accent things like a wine cellar or book shelf.
  • When you’re using several different sources of light in a room, you want to coordinate the Kelvin temperatures. That’s the number that tells you how warm or cool the light color is. Otherwise, you might end up with a room that has all different colors or white. The other number to keep in mind is the color rendering, which determines the appearance of color in the space—what it does to you, me, clothing, wall color and window treatments.


  • You’re finding a lot of outdoor lamps that you would typically expect to be inside. People are creating these really nice lamps to go outside on a patio or pergola. It’s a great look, but I will say that in the extreme heat, humidity and cold of St. Louis, these lamps might corrode easily.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures—even in a contemporary style—for sconces and chandeliers and things like that, are becoming more popular.