What’s under foot is becoming increasingly top-of-mind for homeowners, with a focus on individuality and sustainability when it comes to flooring.


  • We do mostly sustainable projects, and cork is a highly sustainable product that is growing in popularity for basements. It provides a soft flooring option and is naturally mold and moisture resistant.
  • Radiant heat flooring can be used in new construction or retrofitted to existing flooring. It heats up objects in the room instead of the air, which is more efficient and works alongside your existing heating system.
  • Locally sourced wood is a great option, and in Missouri, there’s a sustainably harvested forest called Pioneer Forest, in the Ozark area. Another option is repurposing wood; for example, there’s a company out of Kansas that tears down old barns, refinishes the wood and turns it into flooring.


  • In terms of area rugs, there’s definitely a push for color. People are saying, I don’t want what my mother or grandmother has in her home, I want something transitional or a warm contemporary look.
  • I’m seeing more customers coming in knowing what they’re looking for. It used to be that the area rug was the last thing you do when designing a room; now it’s one of the first things. If you fall in love with an area rug, you can tie the rest into that.
  • More and more, suppliers are willing to produce custom sizes, which allows for a lot more flexibility in tailoring a rug to your needs. Say you had a strange-sized room and you need a 12-foot by 23-foot rug, there are now suppliers that will produce that for you.