We may not always know why, but there’s something about an aesthetically appealing atmosphere that makes us feel good. To help you keep your personal sanctuary as comforting—and chic—as possible, the following design pros answer the ever-puzzling question: What makes a home beautiful?

“It’s about bringing out the style and personality of the property and the people who live there. There’s a fine balance there; but if you can pull it off, that’s when people feel good in the space.” - Paul Reigelsbeyer, I.O. Metro

“Some of the homes in St. Louis have such beautiful architecture. A lot of the time, I think the landscaping is overdone in the front of the house, and it competes with the architecture. Less is more. Using the right plant material can really show off the home and add greater value and curb appeal.” - Rand Rosenthal, Rosenthal Landscape & Design, Inc.

“Whether it’s family photos, special pieces they’ve inherited or art pieces they’ve collected, I think what makes a home beautiful is when you walk into that space and it tells you something about who owns it.” - Kim Taylor, K Taylor Design Group

“It’s about color. People are emotionally attached to color. Plain white walls don’t speak as an individualized space. In special rooms, like dining rooms, that are not often used every day, it’s wonderful to have a really good color.” - Gigi Lombrano, Gigi Lombrano Interiors

“Liz and I agree—it is first about the people who reside in the home, as they’re the ones who make it beautiful through laughter, love and compassion. Homes that reflect the owners’ personalities and offer a sensory experience are some of the best.” –Anne Smith, June Roesslein Interiors with team member Liz McGovern

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