A local pool designed by Westport Pools


Beyond the purchase of your home, a swimming pool is one of the largest investments you will ever make, according to Westport Pools. That’s why its staff recommends only working with the most seasoned pool contractors to bring to life your version of a backyard oasis.

The owners of Westport Pools have more than 100 years of combined experience in the residential and commercial aquatic industry in St. Louis. The company has built the majority of new commercial water parks in the area, keeping its staff on the cutting edge of aquatic technology. They apply this expertise to all 300 of their residential clients with in-ground concrete pools, where they say “the sky is the limit” for each custom project.

But before diving into a pool installation in your own backyard, Westport's VP of business development Dave White and VP Wayne George say it’s important to find the right contractor, know what you want the pool to be used for, and plan for the lifelong maintenance, as well as aesthetic features, of the pool.

First and foremost, White says it’s important to research the history of the company. “Find out how long they have been in business and what kind of projects and types of pools they build. Many pool companies come and go. It’s important to have a company with a good track record, and trained employees in uniforms with labeled trucks so you can feel comfortable with them in your backyard. Talk to some of the established companies—you want your pool contractor to be around as long as your pool, so they can service it for years to come.” The business also should have insurance, know the local building and health codes, and green laws; and offer the service and design capabilities you desire for your ideal pool, he adds.

Once you have a trusted contractor on your side, communicate what you want out of your pool during a series of planning meetings, George notes. “Are you planning to swim laps, to entertain, or for the kids to swim? Some clients will say they want a 12-foot-deep pool with a diving board when they really plan to have cocktails and relax in the pool. To fit that need, we can build a 5-foot deep end and 3-foot shallow end, so they can walk around throughout the pool. The designers should try to fit the pool to the client, to the backyard, and to the family’s needs and lifestyle.” Westport Pools can build your dream pool, while fitting your budget, he adds. “It’s never a one-size-fits-all project.”

In addition to the initial ideas for the project, there should be a master plan for the life of the pool, White explains. “A designer needs to have a master plan focused on what kind of rehab is needed in the future, such as taking down the diving board when the kids grow up and adding a waterfall feature.”

Another key to a successful pool project is the latest technology, George and White say. Westport Pools incorporates everything from LED lighting to green chemicals, pool remote controls and energy-saving pumps. “The new LED lighting program is really fun—the lights can change color and be synced to the waterfall,” George says. “It really jazzes up the pool.” With sphagnum moss, the pool stays cleaner, while saving money on chemicals and giving the water a silky, smooth texture. And new pool controllers allow you to remotely set the pool’s temperature and monitor how its system is running.

“There are always new products coming out,” White says. “It’s an exciting time for pools.” At Westport Pools, it seems the sky really is the limit.

ON THE COVER: For almost 50 years, Westport Pools has used the latest technology to design and service custom swimming pools. For more information, call 432-1801 or visit westportpools.com.

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