Whether you’re looking for new carpeting or new finish for your marble floors, we asked local experts to offer some advice to assist in the decision-making.

Anne Tipton, Expressions Furniture

--A NEW TWIST ON VINTAGE. A new trend is to have pieces of old vintage rugs that are patched together to make one rug. It can be left in its natural state or over-dyed in different colors, even orange and purple.

--TRY A DIFFERENT SISAL. Sisal rugs are very popular and offer a clean look for a room. A higher-end version is now available with embossed and woven patterns—it’s a step up from the regular option.

Jim Zemek, Marble Life

--LOOK FOR THE LUSTER. Marble, stone and ceramic floors get worn and damaged from the wear and tear of foot traffic. We can restore and repair damage to the floors, polishing them to a high shine—they often look better than new!

--TRENDING TOSS-UP. The preference for marble or ceramic floors switches back and forth frequently. Right now, marble/stone is more popular.

--COLOR OF CHOICE. Most people have tan floors, whether it’s ceramic, marble, limestone, etc. It’s a neutral color that goes with everything.

Bill Allen, Allen Interiors

--DESIGN DETAILS. We’re seeing a lot of geometric patterns in carpet choices. Also, more tone-on-tone florals—it’s hard to find a lot of multi-colored floral patterns unless you go with an Oriental look. Overall styles are trending toward transitional—carpets and rugs that work with both contemporary or traditional décor.

--WOOL WEAVES. Wool round-wire Wilton carpets with more detailed, distinct graphic design are popular. That type offers thinner carpet loops that look more handmade. Rugs made of wool and viscose also are popular, providing a luxurious look and feel.

--SHIFTING SHADES. Navy blue, gray and pumpkin terra cotta are new trends in colors for carpet and rugs. But classic white is always a popular choice!

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