Smart technology lets users control multiple home systems from one device, at home or from across the world. Security and entertainment options continue to evolve, offering easier usability and more enjoyment.

Aaron Walbrandt, Walbrandt Technologies

Light the way. New lighting systems offer one keypad with as many as eight buttons, each controlling a different area. You can control the lighting from the keypad or an iPad or iPhone, at home or away, and with one push of a button, turn on a pre-set series of lights throughout the house.

Smart shades. Programmable window shades can be synced with the internet, so shades go up or down at sunrise and sunset. This helps control heating and cooling costs, and prevents sun damage to furniture.

Pump up the jams. New outdoor speaker systems take outdoor entertainment to the next level. Multiple speakers and strategic out-of-sight placing create even coverage, and sensitivity prevents disturbance for neighbors.

Terrence Hampton, Life Media

HD is a thing of the past. 4K Ultra High Definition televisions offer four times the resolution of traditional HD televisions, with 8 million pixels. Ultra HD service still is catching on, so service from your provider might not be available for a few more months.

Streamline and simplify. Home automation can integrate your lighting, heating, air conditioning, sound system and security system to be controlled by any smart device.

An apple a day. The Apple TV is an easy and affordable way to connect your devices and upgrade your system. It streams content from online, and connects to your iPhone or iPad.

Greg Moss, Modern Home Technologies

Safe and secure. Security cameras on the driveway, inside the house and on walkways allow you to check in while on vacation or at work.

Electric shock. It’s easier to get surge protectors than to replace all your equipment. Guard your devices from electric surges and lightning with surge protectors.

Keep an eye on grandma. Security cameras and motion detectors make living at home easier for seniors and their children. Some systems can send texts notifying you when the senior has left or entered the house, or if there hasn’t been movement in the house lately.

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