Greg Moss, Modern Home Technology

Young Adults’ Playroom — Homeowners are switching from dedicated theater rooms to larger all-in-one media rooms. Young adults want to enjoy a 70-inch flat screen TV, connected to a dynamic speaker system, to show Internet-streaming movies or play with games with friends on various video game platforms.

Control Apps — Powerful Internet connections are inexpensive. And smart phone and electronic tablet products provide a plethora of apps that allow owners to control lighting, use security cameras, open garage doors, and monitor movement around a property. Parents can learn when their children have returned from school. People on vacation, at work or driving home can activate every light and appliance, if desired.

Family Video Conference Room — New TVs can be attached to Internet video cameras and allow families to enjoy video conversations across the country. The technology has existed for years, on various email services, for home offices. The new cameras and faster Internet connections allow more visual information to be sent from homes.

Aaron Waldbrant, Waldbrandt Technologies

St. Louis Savvy — St. Louisans are very tech-savvy and like being at least on the curve, if not ahead of it. There is interest in having whole-house automation systems that simplify home technology, but also put it out of sight. No unsightly wires or receivers in a room. People can control all of their audio-visual systems, lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems directly from their smart phones.

Hand Gestures as Controls — In 2013, there will be major improvements to smart TV technology and online services. New features like gesture-based controls similar to those on the Xbox Kinect and touch screen interfaces like those in the Windows 8 operating system may be found on the next generation of home electronics.

NextGen HD TV — OLED TVs, capable of producing incredible colors and excellent black levels, will make their first appearance and will eventually replace LED and Plasma TVs. Expect to hear and see more about 4K video, the next evolution of high definition TV, that provides four times the resolution of existing TVs that have 1080p screens.

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