A good kitchen design is in the details. Add these unique, elegant and tech-savvy accents for the ultimate upscale upgrade to one of the most important rooms in your home. 

Jenny Rausch, Karr Bick Kitchen + Bath 

CONTROL FREAK. Today's technology goes a long way in the kitchen. Use your mobile device to pre-heat your oven or connect a virtual grocery shopping list to your refrigerator, and you can be in control wherever you are. 

MAKE IT PERSONAL. Set your kitchen apart with personalization, such as exotic backsplash tiles. Go glamorous with shimmery glass, antique mirror or mother-of-pearl mosaics, or get rustic with tumbled marbles, limestones or porcelains that resemble knotty pines and driftwoods.

LOOKING UP. Don't neglect the ceiling—add beams, a decorative detail in the crown, a pop of color or fabulous lighting surrounded by a coffer.

FINISHING TOUCH. Splurge on unique antique light fixtures for the finishing touch as you do on jewelry to complete your favorite outfit. 

Beth Winschel, Signature Kitchen & Bath

GO GRAY. Grays are big trend right now—people are splashing various shades all over the house. Cabinet manufacturers have started painting and staining their products gray, as well. A deep gray looks beautiful with a dark wood floor and some contrasting white pieces.

TOP-NOTCH. Quartz countertops, which are looking more like real stone every day, are very durable—you're more likely to dull a knife than scratch the surface. Bonus: No sealing required.

PICTURE-PERFECT. Many people still prefer to use unique granite for countertops, and they are leaning toward unique or rare colors with finishes such as honed, brushed and suede, instead of the typical polished versions. Walk through a granite yard and pick out the perfect slab.

STRAIGHT LINES. The standard square tile flooring is fading out and plank and rectangular versions are taking over. There are new porcelain tiles that mimic real wood in size and color, and many square tiles can be ordered in a rectangular version.

Jane Heiling, ABS Kitchens

• WAKE-UP CALL. A built-in coffee maker is one the best new trendy items for your kitchen.

• GET COOKING. Add an induction cooktop for elegance, as well as energy efficiency.

• ELBOW ROOM. Improve the taste of home-cooked meals while enhancing the beauty of your kitchen with a spacious, built-in steam/convection oven.

SPACE-SAVER. For convenience and added countertop space, install a microwave drawer to tuck away the bulky appliance.

• SLEEK SETTING. Achieve a modern, tailored look with flush inset appliances.

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