These lighting trends not only will illuminate your home, but make a statement on their own.

Bill Hughes, Amini’s Home Rugs and Game Room/Jaffe Lighting By Amini’s

--RECLAIM THE PAST. Fixtures made from repurposed items are very popular right now. For example, staves of a wine barrel or old telephone pole insulators have been turned into pendants or chandeliers, creating an interesting fixture with an artistic or sculptural approach.

--GLOWING ORBS. The spherical-oriented chandelier has moved to the forefront in lighting trends. Looking almost like an astrological piece, the sphere fixtures come in all sizes and mediums, from wood to metal. You can incorporate them into a lot of settings, giving them even more versatility than the also-popular drum shade.

--GOING GREEN. While LED lighting is still in its evolutionary stage, consumers can find options in both task lighting (cabinet and recessed lights) and decorative fixtures. The energy-efficient option tends toward contemporary styles for decorative lighting, but there are many benefits and advantages to using LED lights.

Diane Fogerty, Savvy Surrounding Style

--THINK OUT-OF-THE-BOX. Do different things with light placement. For a kitchen island, instead of doing three pendants, use nine, in groupings of three. It really brightens the room and also adds an artistic touch, making it a focal point. Just be sure to put the lights on a dimmer because that’s a lot of light power!

--MIX IT UP. In a bedroom, instead of placing lamps on the nightstand, hang pendants from the ceiling. In the bathroom, use pendants instead of wall sconces—think about doing a design, like an arch of lights over the mirror. More is better if you’re doing a high-end look.

--EMBRACE DIVERSITY. 2013 is going to be very eclectic in home design. If you have a traditional home, you can easily use contemporary fixtures that use a lot of glass and sleek lines. Beautiful contemporary lighting in a traditional room just takes the room to a whole new level.



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