Designer Brian Hartsfield of Redwood Wine Cellars transformed the basement of this Ballwin home into any wine connoisseur’s dream. Located in a temperature-controlled room, this large wine cellar can comfortably store both bottles and cases. “The multitude of bottle storage options within the space gives variation in the design,” says Hartsfield. “The diamonds fit irregularly shaped bottles and draw interest.”

GOOD WOOD. Sapele wood, a member of the mahogany family, is used throughout the space. “Sapele comes from Africa, and it’s all quarter-sawn,” says Hartsfield. “This wood is commonly used in guitars and exterior doors, because of both its beautiful grain and the fact that it doesn’t warp.”

SIP AND SAVOR. The tasting area features a barrel on a lazy Susan; when spun, the look changes from a rustic barrel to open storage. Resting on top is a backlit onyx tabletop, which provides illumination and aesthetic interest. The functional area below adds convenient space to store additional bottles, as well as glasses, openers and accessories.

ARCH HIGHLIGHTS. The cellar is highlighted by not just the tasting area, but the four arched focal points. Each of the arches has a puck—or small, recessed—light on a dimmer switch to provide customized illumination to the focal areas. The deep archways are entirely wrapped in wood, and allow the homeowners to display up to a 6.0 liter bottle.

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