Liquid Assets Pool

This Chesterfield family without kids wanted a space to entertain adult visitors and business clients. Liquid Assets’ John Jacobsen tells us about the features they used to achieve it:

Reserved Seating: A pool-edge bar with underwater stools is shaded by an umbrella, providing the perfect spot for guests to relax with a cool drink. Underwater limestone seats are uncommon in St. Louis, and were built with indigenous Missouri stone from Earthworks.

A Quick Dip: Steps stretch all the way across the edge of the pool rather than just a corner, giving guests a comfortable place to sit without getting fully wet.

No End to the Fun: The L-shape of the pool divides the deep-end diving area from the shallow end. “That’s the play end, and then there’s the hangout side with the bar—it’s the best of both worlds,” Jacobsen says.

The Saltwater Scene: The saltwater pool avoids many of the downsides associated with chlorine—such as exposure to chemicals, maintenance, and damage to skin and hair. “The salt doesn’t burn your eyes like chlorine used to and it doesn’t smell like it used to either,” Jacobson notes. “Almost 100 percent of our pools now are saltwater. Coming in, a lot of people don’t understand it or think they can afford it, but there are a lot of benefits.”

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