When a young family returned to the States after spending several years in Shanghai, China, they brought back authentic Asian pieces to incorporate into the design of their modern Des Peres home. Michael Wyrock, a senior design consultant for I. O. Metro, helped bring the home's Asian-inspired living room to life.

ASIAN ACCESSORIES. At Niche, the homeowner found a pillow with a red, gray, black and white color scheme she loved that also tied together their Asian accessories, including artwork, sculptures and a cabinet with a hidden desk. A red leather ottoman and two high-back brown chairs from I.O. Metro, and a sofa from Niche, were added to complete the look.

MOOD LIGHTING. To set the mood for relaxation and conversation, floor-to-ceiling suspension lighting was added to either side of the room—continuing the Asian theme with its bamboo-like appearance.

TEXTURED TREATMENTS. Enlisted to update the living room’s paint colors, The Design Deli Decorative Paint Company added a stria texture of metallic and gray tones for movement and hue changes throughout the day.

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