With pattern and color peppered throughout, this très feminine bedroom suite was designed for an 8-year-old girl. “We wanted it to be youthful, fun and energetic,” says designer Jane Ganz of Directions In Design, Inc. This lounge is connected to the bedroom, which features similar prints and shades for cohesiveness.

LOUNGE AWAY. Near the television sits two chairs, a large ottoman and a sleeper-sofa, which makes this area perfect for slumber parties now and hangouts later. “I think the interesting variety of contrasting colors and shapes will be long-lasting for her,” Ganz says.

CIRCLES GALORE. In the bedroom, a patterned circular pink rug sits atop the light carpeting and below the foot of the bed and ottoman, both of which feature circle-print patterns. “It was a play on circles,” Ganz says. Circles are also featured throughout both rooms in other areas, ranging from the chair cushions to the wall mirror. 

CAPTIVATING COLLECTIONS. The lounge features ample storage, including a large bookshelf and entertainment center. The most sentimental pieces from the young girl’s former doll collection are showcased amid functional items such as a television and globe. As her preferences change, so can the decor, thanks to the open shelving. 

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