Ambient lighting, metallic accents and vintage gems showcase holiday cheer with sophistication. Let these and other ideas below help keep your home décor classy during the transition to the holidays. 

Karen Pepper, Edwin Pepper Interiors

• PERSONALIZE IT. Set this season apart from last year by personalizing it, such as making a family heirloom your centerpiece, with pictures in festive holiday frames for accents.

• MAGIC TOUCH. Add a few illuminated LED ornaments to your holiday tree for a magical touch.

• COLOR GALORE. Choose an unusual color scheme from today’s hot hues for a chic look.

• WINTER WONDERLAND. Silver and white décor is another chic color trend.

• TIMELESS TREND. Use an evergreen holiday tree—it is timeless—and let the ornaments reflect today’s trends.

Tamsin Mascetti, Ellen J Design 

• BEYOND THE BOX. Go outside the traditional holiday color boundaries: Use your favorite colors to decorate for the holidays, such as a pink wreath for your door, a collection of blue and green ornaments to decorate your mantle and neutral tones for your table.

• CLASSIC COLORS. When in doubt, silver and white are always a classy choice. A collection of mercury glass vessels, white-beaded ornaments in a glass hurricane and silver garland in a variety of textures and sizes for the mantle will evoke that classic look.

• ALL-NATURAL. Recycle mini-trees, twigs and vines for a natural centerpiece and berry branches for a simple, but gorgeous arrangement; or use moss as your base in a hurricane filled with ornaments.

• GO NOSTALGIC. Head to the local antique mall and check out the beautiful and unusual vintage ornaments and decorations for the holiday.

Debbie Donnelly, Donnelly Interiors

• GET INSPIRED. Let local antique shops inspire your holiday design projects, such as using antique silver spoons to make ornaments and adding velvet bows to ornate family photo frames.

• DELICATE DETAILS. Swap the hooks for pretty twine when tying ornaments onto your holiday tree for an upscale, sophisticated look.

• RARE ELEGANCE. Plan a unique color scheme, such as off-white, black and gold, with a splash of paprika or olive green rather than red and green.

• LESS IS MORE. When it comes to holiday décor, an overall cleaner look is better than an overdone, cluttered space.

Gigi Lombrano, Frank Patton Interiors

• LET IT SHINE. Metallics—bronze, not just gold and silver—in different textures are very popular for holiday décor.

SIMPLE SURPRISES. Pair metallics with creams and neutrals, then add an unexpected color such as turquoise or tangerine for a pop of interest.

• AMBIENT LIGHT. Add an abundance of candles in repurposed containers for warmth, light and ambiance.

• CHEER UP. As we start to lose color outside, we want to add it inside—both for warmth and for the eye.

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